I thought I filed my taxes through Turbo Tax about April 12 or 13. However I never received an email telling me my fileing was accepted by the government. Also, I just noticed I received an email from Turbo Tax on 15 April reminding me to file taxes. My master card statement shows Turbo Tax was paid for fileing. Did my taxes get filed?

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    Sounds like it did. But call IRS to see, if not call Turbo Tax they should pay any late charge.
    If you didn't get a confirmation from Turbo Tax regarding the State or IRS, specifically stating that they accepted your online filing, they probably didn't recieve it for some reason. Usually if the State or Federal government recieves your online filing and reject it, you are notified by Turbo Tax that it was rejected. Turbo Tax also notifies you when the State or Federal government recieve and accept your filing. I filed last years taxes through Turbo Tax, and was not impressed with their gimmicks to get you to buy an "upgraded version." Turbo Tax charges your debit or credit card regardless of whether everything is taken care of. Honestly, I think Turbo Tax, Turbo sucks!
    this happened to me too and i called the fed and state both showing no record they told me to refile and call turbo tax.

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