Kids say the darnedest things.

    Any good recollections of your kid (or someone else's, or YOU as a kid) saying the darnedest thing?  My kids gave me enough for a book (still contributing).  

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    We once had a couple visiting from northern California.  They were in a motorhome which we hooked up to some outdoor electrical.  In the morning, Mrs. came in as I was making breakfast for everyone.  My middle son was about 3 at the time and began showing my friend around our simple home.   "This is the TV room.  This is the hallway.  This is our bedroom.  This is our bathroom.  This is......"
    My friend, a grandmother 4x over, was patient and "interested".  "Do you mind if I use your bathroom?" she asked politely.  
    He shrugged and with a wave of his arm, graciously said, "Go right ahead."  He started to walk off, then turned and said, "But don't close the door unless you can wipe your own butt." 


    Really shouldn,t answer your own Qs Lady P,but that,s a classic,even the KOTF couldn,t keep that one secret......LMAO..KOTF.

    I know you can't talk about people around kids. My mother told me a story about my brother when he was a child. My father was talking to my mother about a friend of theirs who was fired from his job. (We will called him John) One day, John came to visit them. My brother answered the door. My father yelled "who's at the door".

    My brother:  "John". 

    Father: "Which John"

    My brother: "The one that got fired from his job".

    Well, that left John upset and he accused my father of talking about him to his family.


    On an another subject, I don't know how to answer your comment on a math question. Am I'm commenting on my own answer, or am I answering your comment? Anyway, go to.... these videos will give kids a lot of help. 


    oh, your poor parents. That's horrible, but so funny.

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