How many people out there think Obama is doing a good Job?

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    My sentiments exactly.....

    Is that Rick & Rick

    Jerry from Tom and Jerry

    Ummm..... NO!!!!!!!

    Colleen-When didn't any USA  president think they were in charge of the world? Always sending money and people to save other country's starving children even when we have our own starving children right here.


    I know and I'm not really sure what the motivation is for the US to keep doing that.

    Well, while I'm sure that compassion is part of the motivation the primary reason is strategic. It puts us in a beneficial position in the future on politics and power. Yes, we have hungry people in this country but we definately have probrams for that. It's one of the primary gripes of the conservatives, you know, big government.

    be serious my wife could do a better job..

    I think he is doing a great if they let him and support him it was a mess when he came in and it take some time to get it clean stop hating


    It's a mess when every president comes in, no excuse. I'm glad they do not support his policies of socialism and world domination.

    You must be thinking like a Socailist. Remember your president told ( Joe the Plumber, to spread the Wealth? )

    Only the people who voted for him!

    I voted for Obama because he was qualified, well spoken and black. I found a lot of things I liked about him and I saw the sideline problems he had to dodge. Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State was a great choice. A mob of republican representatives pledged their vote away rather than compromising and this tactic has set a lot of people against the republican road block. November 2012 is not so far away and the republican party has been fishing around for a rabbit to run but so far nothing that sounds presidential.     

    He is doing a good job of spending money we don't have. He is doing a good job of turning us into a socialist country. He is doing a good job of apologizing for our country's transgressions. He is doing a good job of bowing to the leaders of the rest of the world and degrading the position he holds.

    He was elected because he is well spoken, promised change and yes, he is black (which I have no problem with, but certainly don't think it should be a qualification to be president).

    Well to me  And considering  all  the country's  ills ,  ,economy, partisanship in congress,  the war,  I don't see how  any president can  President Obama  just happens to be the man of the hour.


    We'll see with the next president since it won't be Obama as he has proven he's not up to the task.

    Colleen Mr. Obama will be your next president because if I tell you its gonna rain get your unbrella LOL

    I don't own one. Obama will be lucky to see his full term. We can still fire him. He might want to make friends up there on Capitol Hill.

    Jimmy Carter was a kickass cowboy compared to this dude.

    I think he is doing the best that anyone could. Congress needs to be voted out and started over.

    If they can't get along and help, any president would have a hard time getting things done.

    Congress has forgotten who gave them their jobs. They need to stop blocking any action that might reduce their net worth and start worrying about the people.


    A good president would find a way to get congress to get along and work with him. Obama made himself the enemy of both sides by throwing tantrums and making grand threats to veto everything. That was his doing. He did not and has not done his best for the people of this country.

    As for Congress, I agree. Vote them all out and start again.

    he is great at the war against the talliban but not with americas budget 


    What made him great at the war against the Taliban? What did he do exactly? You know that war was a scam war created by Bush for no other reason than to invade a country to try and gain access to it's oil, right?

    Two thumbs down!

    Compared to the BUSH'S, YES HE IS (A+), to some others, NO!!!

    I think that he's doing as well as can be expected with the economy the way it is. But, I do think that his lack of experience has hindered his effectiveness. I was actually hoping that a republican would win the last election because with the mess they left I didn't think anyone would be able to effect the necessary solutions and as a result I wouldn't have to hear them for the next thrity years.


    Who put the economy further in the hole and increased the national debt and killed our credit rating? Instead of cutting national spending, he spent even more on fruitless wars and helped to increase spending. Yes, just like his wife, he is very good at spending. Cut cooperate taxes and bring the US businesses home to employ US citizens. Stop giving jobs to illegals. CT tried to send all the illegals back to their country, Obama blocked the effort and instead gave the illegals green cards. He does well at keeping the American citizens in financial distress.

    Obama was/is a less than mediocre POTUS.

    Oh Lord NO, if the Republicans were left in office could one HONESTLY wrap their mind around how far America would be in DEBT, they wouldn't even be able to PAY ATTENTION!!!

    Colleen: Well, most economist think that if he hadn't spent we would be in even worst trouble, in fact, some say he didn't spend enough. As far as the wars, he didn't start them and they aren't something that can be ended on the spur of the moment. Now we are leaving Iraq he is coming under attact by the republicans for leaving too early. He can't win. Futhermore, it was congress that killed our credit rating and S&P, that downgraded us, hardly had a stellar reputation with being mired in their own scandal involving hyping the value of stocks to make money.

    As far as taxes, I agree with you. If they elimanated subsidies and deductions they could reduce taxes accross the board, including coorperate taxes. Also, while a lot of business leave because of taxes,most of the job loss is due to improved technology. The best solution here is emphasis on education for the youth of our country and teaching old dogs new tricks so they can continue to be productive in the modern age.

    In fact, when cutting spending to reduce our debt; it isn't something that is done rapidly or too soon. That's also why most economist favor doing it over an extended period of time and instituting tax change as well. One of the problems with the EU is that they are trying to incorporate economic programs that are too austere and it's going to cause problems for us as well as them.

    Well judging by most of these people,the answer is no,,6 years down the track,it appears Trump is certainly trying to keep jobs in USA,,that has gotta be a better start than Obama..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..But,i could be wrong..

    Most  people, if they voted were  honest, would have to say that, they would never vote for him again. And I will be honest with you, if you would have researched and watched , Fox News,you wouldn't have voted for him in the first place. This is politics, not color !  Jesse

    .... I am not one of them

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