was Donald Trump ever in the armed forces

    easy question either yes or no

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    NO.....after a little research i discovered the closest he was to the military was a graduate of "the new york military acadamy" graduated in 1964
    I think he failed the medical, on account of a bad hairstyle.
    Does it really matter? Barack Hussien Obama II never served, along with others in our history as a country.
    For those of you who don't know,donald trump is a very mentally ill whimp along with the rest of the so-called tea party clone's Let me tell you something if you don't have 5+million dollar's,own company's etc etc,the tea party or repub's don't give a damn about you they feed you a bunch of narsacist BS with that junky radio crud you know the oxicontin king oh oh rush limbau the ex felon who should have his fat ass in jail.He said on his show along time ago that drug user's and seller's should be locked up and throw away the key,he was taking enough oxicontin at one time the amount would have gotten 8 people high quit letting these sick fean's live in your mind if you have one,they love your vote and then at their party they laugh at your poor broke republican ass he he ha he ha ha
    No it dos'nt neither did clinton,bush was in but drank to much,henry kissinger was'nt born here,arnold swartzenhimer was'nt eather.Do you know how many time's donald filed chapter 11/7's see the rich boy don't have anything to play with or hold his attention so the presidentcy and the american people is his toy now,don't you know that when obama first mentioned he was going for that office the FBI,CIA went through every crack of his life all the way to his kindergarden teacher,don't these silly people know that,Really here's a man that can ok the launch of weapon's that can destroy the planet,they looked so deep in the man's life they know what he dreamed about when he slept.Don't let whimp don trump live in your mind use common sense those that have it...thank you

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