What is the most beautiful beach you have ever been to? For me, I have two, the most romantic is Anastasia Island Beach very near St. Augustine, Fl., and the most dramatic is the southwestern coast of Ireland, the Ring of Kerry, far.

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    Montego Bayspent 9days her in montego bay 1981 at the mo-bay yaught club..


    Sounds like an awesome time! When are you going back??

    probably not any time soon i was there in 1981 for "the first world jamacian music fest" now known as sunsplash i think it is..

    I really enjoyed the clothing optional beach on St. Martins... Very beautiful there.


    I'll bet!! :->

    Never have seen the ocean in real life but I have been to a lake or two but I prefer a clear stream to them.


    I agree with the fresh water being more to my liking. I would much rather be at a beach on a fresh water lake vs the ocean. In my canoe on a nice river with my fishing pole would be even nicer. Where you from Ed?

    That does sound nice and I love fresh trout. Have you ever had trout and eggs for breakfast? Really good out there in the open air. I am in Albuquerque New Mexico born and raised.

    Never had trout for breakfast but have had bass. We used to do weekend canoe trips on local rivers, dragging a lure on a leisurely pace. BTW, I spent 6 months at White Sands Missile Range back in early 1963.

    Oohh,  please tell  us why,  Soul!!  Would love to hear!!

    For me ilha grande brazil

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