Not a question....

    I have a job interview Thursday (12/29),wish me luck and please send some good karma my way.The interview is'nt until 3:30pm,that's why I'm still up at 12:05am,sitting here full of worry.My thing is I'm the world's worst speller so I was sitting here making up a cheat sheet of words.

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    Absolutely saying a prayer of goodness and prosperity for you in your search!! :->

    CR..I hope that you'll follow up with a phone call to the interviewer after a few business days, just to let them know that you're very interested?

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    wish you all the luck in the world Rick and a preyer for you as well I do hope you get this job remember deep breathing will help you to relax good luck xxx


    Thanks mel,just a couples hours away now,I'm a wreck.

    clevelandRick remember deep breathing xxx

    Consider the good thoughts and prayers on their way.  You are always articulate and confident in your words here, and I've not noticed spelling errors (and, being the Spelling Chief of Police, I would notice), so please don't worry too much about that.  
    I'm sure everyone is in agreement in hopes this job will be the one for you and you will start 2012 with a great new job and a bright future ahead of you, not to mention a happy today!
    Let us know how it goes.  Sending the prayers right now. 


    Thanks Bob for your kind words.

    Will you be tested on your spelling?  If you Spell Check everything should be alright. What will you have to hand write? 

    There is no doubt that you will get the job if it is right for you. 

    Best of luck to you. Relax and go to sleep. A good night's rest is important to have in instances like that.


    Thanks Shootah,I headed there shortly.

    It's 11:10 AM in California, so I know the pressure and nerves are increasing!  Know that all our good thoughts go with you and we're looking forward to the GOOD NEWS that you got the job.  It's hard to type with crossed fingers, so I'll be saying a prayer!  :D
    LET US KNOW.   


    Well the interview went ok,but they still have many people to interview before they decide,so it's a wait and see game now,but he did say yes or no he will let me know one way or another,won't leave me hanging.

    Good deal. That waiting is going to be excruciating, but you did the best you could. Still sending good vibrations!

    Wishing you the best of luck Rick, just be yourself, hope everything goes well. R.


    Thanks ROMOS...

    Good luck to you! We will all be thinking of you this afternoon, bringing you good karma.


    Thanks clu,I'll let you all know soon.

    I hope I'm writing this to congratulate you....Hope it all went well and you weren't too nervous, I hope you get the job...........


    Not until 3:30,but thanks.And yes I'm very nervous.

    Bash out a few answers, that always helps me. Good luck to you and relax (ha!)............

    I' know you'll do just fine Rick, you seem to have a good attitude which is far more important than spelling could ever be,,,good luck ..


    Thanks daren.The count down is on,two hours...

    I hope I am not too late but best of luck to you.


    Not too late ED,my interview is at 3:30 and thanks.

    I'm just seeing this now. My fingers are crossed for you! I hoping real hard that you get the job!! Oodles of luck to you!!


    Thanks Colleen,coming from you means every thing to me...

    Keeping good thoughts for you for the next two weeks. Hoping you get it so you can breathe easy again :)

    So? How did it go? Did you finally relax some? I hope it went well...Let us know the outcome and the details.................


    Thanks jhharlan,it went ok I think,only time will tell and I never relax,with being out of work for so long and my crappy home life,no time to relax,I've worried my whole life about one thing or another.

    May 2012 be better for you with luck and pocket change..........

    CR, I just saw your post.  I don't notice bad spelling in your posts and believe me, I notice those things (like Bob/PKB) so, no need to worry about that.  I hope that it went well for you and I, like all the rest of us here, wait for the good news! 


    Thanks Ducka,well I had the interview,so now all I do is wait,so many people out of work in this city so they still have many to interview,so we'll see.

    Iam so sorry, I did not see you post until now. It is 5:22 pm ET. I hope and pray you get the job. Let us know.


    Thanks Ann,I went to the interview,so now its wait and see.

    I will keep my fingers crossed.I sincerely hope you get the job. Thank you for answering. More love and prayers your way.

    Only just seen your message(10 30 uk time) I so hope it went well for you Rick,please let us know.Fingers crossed!!!


    Thanks leosmami,the interview went ok but they still have a lot of people they want to talk to,so it's going to be a wait and see type of thing,jobs are tough to come by for a 57 year old man that only knows one field (finishing operator)in the printing industry (folders&stitchers).

    Here is already 8PM. I hope you did wellL


    Thanks valR,it sure is a tight market out here.

    Just saw your post. It is Friday 12/30/11 4:30am (EST).

    I hope it went well!




    Thanks chelleanne,the interview went ok,but I sure was'nt the only one applying so we'll see.

    Rick,   Now it's Friday at 3am. I'll be anxious to hear how your interview went later in the day Friday. Don't worry about spelling. The guy/ girl that interviewed you prob can't spell either. When filling out apps, take one of those word spell electronic dictionaries with you. I wish you well. We've missed you lately


    Thanks mycatsmom,I had the interview,it went ok,but to be honest with you in this market I'm starting to lose hope for this old guy.

    Go kick some ass!

    Im a bit late, having connection problems, hope all went well and you have the job


    Thanks lamshank,well I had the interview,but no word for a couples of weeks,still have many people to interview.


    awwww..... GOOD LUCK!!!!!


    Thanks Jenn.....

    Best of luck Rick, just let go of this worry and unblock your spelling disability by understanding that if you truly believe something then in most cases it will manifest itself true. Blind faith is a huge thing and believe you can do what you need to. I am praying for you .


    Thanks mom...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Hope you went well Rick.BTW I have never noticed anything wrong with your spelling.I think you worried too much.Tommy

    Hey Rick ,   keep looking for other jobs just in case.  I'll  be praying that something good will be coming your way soon. 

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