can you find city market research, 52 broadway, new york, new york

    i am trying to find a research company called city market research at 52 broadway, new york, ny

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    Google maps can not find that business on or near that location. Click here to view the map. 

    I looked it up too, let me guess, you got a check? I found that it's an empty building up for sale:(

    I called the Credit Union that the check they sent me was written on and the Credit Union said that the check was fake.  Do not send them any money.  I called them and ask me to explain the plan to me and the man I spoke with said exactly the same thing that was written in the letter.  I ask why I could not just cash the check, if it was a good check and send them the money back.  He said it has to be deposited, then I explained that the Credit Union had already told me that the check a fake.  He said who told me that and he would have to check and get back to me within the hour.  Never called.  BEWARE!

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