can my child sit in the front seat of my car with a booster seat and at what age?

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    Yes. If your child is aged under 12 years they must be using an appropriate child restraint, unless they are over 135cm in height. Once a child is taller than 135cm, you may move a child out of the booster seat or booster cushion, regardless of their age, although they must still legally use the adult belt. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that every passenger under 14 is restrained within the law.

    However, if a child is in a rearward facing child car seat, and the front passenger seat is protected by an active frontal airbag, then it is illegal to carry your child in the front.

    Although the law does allow you to carry children in the front (with the one exception above), it is safer for children to travel in the rear.
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    i would say no put the child in the back seat in a car seat

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