this ask a question thing is actually good therapy

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    Laughter IS the Best Medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya think??  Who for??  The asker or the answerer.


    Maybe both?

    Ye we need more bears here, stay out of the woods and tag along with this little crew, you,re most welcome.....KOTF.

    Most Definately

    ""I didn't think I was funny, just sexy...

    Just be aware jerr might find yourself getting addicted ,then you will need more therapy.


    If jerr bear needs therapy ...... i am the one to help........and hopefully myself.

    Not much different then the $75.00 an hour shrink. This is your tag along shrink.

    I do I wear sleep socks to bed but yes this is a good place and it is kind of like a substitute therapy too and a lot of good laughs too.

    anyway.............who wears socks to bed?

    Sure enough it saved me thousands in counciling..

    suck it up and charge on Jerr bear

    who would of thought a y keep going question would have generated all this?  If i had tiime i would share my Jerry Springer like story with u guys.  not the ones about midgets eating spaghetti off of fat girls,  just the bad romance versions.  twice divorced. I consider that to be a part of my problem.  They have stolen my self worth and confidence.  I am nothing but a shadow of what I used to be.  That's y my screen name is usually  hateshadowinnight

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