maybe I shouldn't have just said homeless. What if you don.t care anymore and your homeless. You might answer the same way, but I don't really believe thereis but 1 answer, and christian church is not what comes to my mind

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    From where you are now, there is only one way to go, you are reaching out, so that way is UP,keep positive,think positive,take it from one who knows. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!..R.


    Yep.Things are looking up.When you're flat on your back there's only one way you can look.

    Well if you don't care anymore then there's nothing to be done. You have to care in order to save yourself. Are you homeless and in the streets? If you are, how are you using the internet? You seem to care enough to share your troubles. By sharing you are asking for help so you have to care.  

    jerr bear

    Ok colleen u r right in a way. this is the problem I am 45, live with mom and dad un til the 6th of Jan. and then will be going to a VA homeless shelter. I am hoping for good things but everything seems so far away. I have not quit yet, but damm it man....

    One day at a time. No matter what, life is one day at a time. You will get there.

    Times are really hard for lots of people I would not dare make fun or be mean to homeless because when one stops to think about it  now days there  are a myriad of people that are less than 1 paycheck away from being homeless and I also try to remember there go I but for the grace of God.  


    Well said.

    Perhaps it's not that you don't care anymore...but more than you feel broken and beat down and you just can't envision an answer or solution to your problems. Every year for the last four years, I've had to scramble to get another job when the season run out on the seasonal jobs I've had to take. To be honest with you, it sucks, as it just wears you down. But, now is not the time to give up. So, take a job at McDonalds, even if all it does is put you in a's a roof over your head! Then explore and find a niche, or a different approach, go back to school, learn a different trade...but keep searching. It might take awhile, but eventually you'll find a different path. One that is a little more pleasant, a little more forgiving.

    jerr bear

    Thank u Shootah. I find my mood swings are coming more often. i will be ok. u know this is where u realise there is people who care. just 4 answers but, complete strangers reaching out to try and help. thanks guys, and i believe fully in Karma. Good things will return to you guys. that i would swear. bless u guys

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