10 year old who gave birth to baby makes me more confident to have baby......

    Just saw this on the "extra reading" we can do here.  Going to check on that (Cafe Press).  What's your opinion of children having children? (As if I don't already know).  What is your suggestion to "control" this new "fad".  
    THE HEADLINE READ, "10 YEAR OLD WHO GAVE BIRTH TO BABY MAKES ME MORE CONFIDENT TO HAVE BABY".   Please don't think that statement comes from ME!!!   yikes

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    Go to CafeMom for the article. It IS about the 10 year old in Mexico, a short blurb, actually. Says the very youngest person to have a baby was a 5 year old girl in 1939. I give up.

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    How does this make you more confident to have a baby? 

    Ignorant kids are the result of stupid parenting. As long as there are stupid parents, this will continue to happen. I can't believe they allowed that baby to go to term. I imagine the same stupid parents that are raising the 10 year old will now raise the grandchild and put forth yet another ignorant child.


    My thoughts exactly; I have felt this way for years.

    Was this the 10 year old girl from mexico ?I have heard there are investigations going on as it may be a case of rape.


    Even worse if it was rape and she had to carry it to term. Still a case of adults being stupid.

    I wonder about stories like this .  Seems preposterous.

    But if it is true.  I think castration is in order. 

    Sex with a NINE YEAR OLD ???????????   Jeeshhhh !!!! 



    Yes, someone is terribly sick in today's world.

    Children having children???Wrong!!!!terribly,terribly, wrong


    It is the "in" thing to do...have a baby at 14-15. You are the "baby mama" and some random guy is the "baby daddy". Makes me sick to my stomach. Whatever happened to Ward and June?

    AND,  I think  I'd take her parents out and drown them.


    My sister taught in a junior high several years ago. One of her 12 year old 7th graders had a baby. My sister commented to me that the girl looked great upon her return to school, having lost the "pregnancy weight" and had her cute little figure back already.
    I wanted to slap her silly. My sister, that is. The girl's can only imagine ..... and I'm never got a good image.

    Bob/PKB: SAD !!

    Are you three?


    That was the headline.... Why on earth would a ten year old having a baby make me feel better about childbirth? Been there, done that. :D

    Okay, just testing...

    My remaining years would be spent in prison should this happen to one of my little ones. Begging too die would be the perverts last words.


    I have no doubt...

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