do you need television sets?

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    I suppose if I didn't have one EVER, it may not bother me.  But I've had one since I was a kid, so, while it's not a matter or life and death, I prefer to have one.  

    in order to complete the man cave ..yes...

    Are you sending me one?  If so would prefer a 42" flat screen HDTV.

    No thanks i have 2 already.

    I could use one for my bedroom. Why ? ......are you going to come to Michigan and deliver it to me ?


    In fact, you are good lookin'

    TV and computers are all about brainwashing the masses and have been very sucessful.

    ed shank

    How right you are.

    They have rehabs for everything these days but I have not heard of one for TV yet.

    Well I think everyone I know has one or two in there houses its something that we have grown up with though I do think they are brain washing and there is never anything worth watching so no perhaps your right do we need them ?????????????

    "" Yeah, honey, I'd like a couple of them. Just send them over.

    Probably the biggest cause of the break down in American society. Parents don't spend time with the kids on Sunday (Football). Mom's watching dancing with the stars, the violence and so on. Forget the computer impact on us all. We are lost.

    I have 4. Not all on cable though. I like the white noise..............

    I have a movie theatre screen- so my and my pals can watch Dr Doolittle - i stream Animal Planet  onto it too!  Yes I have a tv.  I find the news a bummer- but i do like some shows.

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