what motivates a suicide bomber to kill people he has never met - including those of his own religion?

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    jelousy and lack of respect for human life as well as religion, i think "most' suicide bombers are muslems and believe by killing off infidels they go directly to heaven..

    They are themselves victims of brainwashing and intimidation from extreme political groups who misuse their religion for their own evil ends. 


    Some are victims...but those who mastermind these plots are just PURE EVIL!!(IMO)!

    Insanity. Although Daren makes a good point, the nut who killed dozens on an island this past year in Europe was a blond haired, blue eyed white guy, with no affiliation to Islam, he was truly insane. Satan does walk amongst us.

    They've got to be insane, delusional, or just plain stupid. They take some religious belief and twist into some psychotic doctrine in which they believe they are avenging a wrong. When in all actuality, all they are doing is murdering innocent people. 

    Ignorance, immorality and being uninformed for a few reasons.

    They are demented and very ,very ill the number one instinct of any animal should be to survive no 2 should be to protect their offspring (it could be vise versa ) but in any sane mind  their 1st instincts should be one of those two choices not to kill both themselves and others . Killing should only be done when threatened by deadly force and as a last resort not at the will of some fanatic whose own cowerdice keep them in the shadows laughing at their messenger of death and its victims .Ghandi managed Ok without bombs these terrorists would take a look at his methods if they really were acting in their peoples best interests and in Gods name 

    pure Hate and Religion and being brain washed

    The promise of 69 virgin animals ( gilts ) . That is all a fake and a sham. The promise of a better life.


    Makes you wonder what the female muslens get..

    Misdirected enthusiasm or fanaticism for a cause, purpose, person, etc. (in addition to all the answers you have already received).  

    because they tell him he'll have 72 virgins in heaven--waiting for him , when he dies. And some suckers fall for that.

    72 voluptuous virgins.


    That's the "Secret Word", Groucho...voluptuous!

    What kind of a motivator would "skinny,sickly-looking" be ?

    72 Virgins and a decade supply of cialis.


    In Israel, money was a key factor. Remember all of the suicide bombings? Well, Saddam Hussein paid $25,000 to the family of each martyr. Since his demise, there have been very, very few. So much for having 70 angels waiting for them in heaven, promoting the Palestinian cause, dying for the religion, etc.


    Clonge, that's very interesting. T Y for informing us of that.

    Nothing I feel to do with virgins in heaven. Certain amount of fanatacism maybe but Oh Boy it takes a lot more than 72 virgins to put a bomb around yourself and commit suicide to prove a point. There ia a huge community in Stamford Hill (I worked and know a lot of these people not so much now I am retired and don't get out much - I believe the second largest Jewish Community in Europe who have an anti-Israeli lobby - why have they forgotten the Holocoust. Palestinian women waiting at the jump to get to hospital to give birth to their babies   

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