How many of you Americans ever been outside of your country and either felt or saw the dislike people of other countries have for Americans.

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    matheneyg you didn't give your opinion on us.? And yes I do agree with ed. I do wonder how the rest of the world would feel If we quit giving away BILLIONS of  US foreign aid away to most of these countries that hate us...............

    I was told the Japanese would not like us in 1962. But i found better treatment by Japanese than I had among my fellow Americans. I soon found a love for Japan and its people and its culture that was so enchanting that I nearly abandoned everything  in America for them. Then,  as I traveled from country to country and experienced welcome there amid cultural variations I found commonality among the worlds people. Everyone, everywhere loves their family, enjoys laughter, are eager to share and seek to know me personally and culturally. I have not toured Europe. There are no thieves in Japan to my knowledge. In other parts of the world there may be thieves and murderers but I have not been there.    

    funny enogh when i was in russia...they alll loved and admired the usa.


    Well they're one of the few then

    I never have but I've heard of just how bad it can be..............

    Only spent time in Europe. They in general have a negative attitude towards us. To me, it's jealousy. We are the have's, they are the have not's. They think we don't work, everything is given to us by some invisible entity, or that Americans have bushes in our back yards that grow currency. We work harder and smarter than most of the world and we are entitled to be able to own a few more toys. I don't get into politics with family members whenever they visit (Germans,French) my comment to them is spend 5 years here, you'll never go back.

    Went to jamica when i was a kid , they treated me like gold till i ran out of money, i guess that sums it up..


    I suppose it's the same in a Brothel

    i'd say it's the same s*&t everywhere..

    I read your question with interest but I don't think for one moment its confined to americans. If you were to analyze the "anti" feedback then you may well find the common trait to be ignorance, which,  together with various other factors  like, for example, a biassed or negative media, only aggravates the situation further. But in the long term it wont hold. 

    I can only imagine. French  canadians I've met aren't much fun. From now maybe I'll claim to be Mexican.

    I traveled in Europe in 1981 and was treated rudely only in France.
    The last time I visited Hawaii, the discrimination for "mainlanders" was palpable.  The Japanese and Hawaiian citizens were hateful. 


    You bombed the Japanease and caused them to lose face. You took Hawaii off it's natives and the French well they are just two faced scum

    Everyone except the French are treated rudely in France,Brits in general are tolerant,on the other hand us Scots are the most welcoming people you may find,not because I,m biased, we just are.R.

    I'll be packing a bag and heading your way, then. It's time for some happy.

    Here in Oz I guess you will find a 50/50 mix. There are those that will say "Oh,Bloody Yanks".But then there are those who will say "Oh,bloody Poms" (Brits).But you guys are generally well accepted here. You won't find anyone being rude to you just because you speak with an American accent.


    You'll also not find anyone in Lancashire who dislikes Australians Neighbours pick of the day

    What's not to like Dunc? Hahaha!

    Who are these people who dislike Americans ? I don't think they live here in Lancashire England and any of the imported ones who do should leave these shores and go back to where they came from when in Rome you should do as the Romans do and us here in Lancashire like Americans.


    As an American, I thank you and return the like!
    As for Hawaii, it makes sense, though the history indicates the Japanese should have expected SOMETHING, and the Hawaiians were betrayed by their own. It's ancestors were slaughtered by the Turks.

    Hm...Quebec doesn't even like the rest of Canada, and most Muslim countries don't even like each other, not to mention certain types of Muslims. As for Asian countries, we've been in wars with a number of them, that other countries dragged us into their garbage. For example, what countries were in Viet Nam before the United States?! Next, look at what Japan tiried to pull at Pearl Harbor, unfortanely for them, they kicked that sleeping dog they shouldn't have! Then for the last fifty years we've been trying to keep North and South Korea from going at it. Yeah, there's bound to be some digruntled people out there. But, after it was all said and done, we've rebuilt a lot of these places instead of leaving them in the stone ages. Some South American countries don't like the United States, as we've pushed to squash their drug cartels, that ever so much enjoyed smuggling their drugs into the U.S.. There's two sides to every story.

    quite a few  Quebec, Most  Muslum countries  Hugo chavez and his country  most South American countries  the Carribean  countries  Asian Countries  We have not friends there.

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