how do i kill bambo plant

    bambo is running amok in my garden

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    Good Luck if it is in your garden-shoots can come up 20-30' away from the origional plant, they are fast growing and their roots spread really far, really fast.  They don't die from most plant killers and they r not picky about the weather.  My resolution is that I send you a panda bear.  I will speak to her first (i am a doolittle) and she will get along well.

    To kill bamboo we use a weed killer called "Round Up" in Australia.  Works Great. 

    Not sure if you have the same brand but can find a similiar one in any hardware store.

    First you have to cut it right back to almost ground level & then pour "Round Up" on it.

    Takes about a week to finally kill it off.

    Hope it works! -             From Australia.



    Hello welcome to the site,there are a handful of us here from Australia.

    Huh..maybe u have stronger Round-up-or we have indestructable bamboo.

    G'Day doolittle!

    Well I must admit you have to put the "Round Up" straight from the bottle & don't mix with anything at all.  Yeah there is a few places I've seem or had Bamboo here  but I sure wouldn't have it myself after what I have heard about how fast it grows.  Then at the same time really very HARD to kill.

    If nothing you find works I suggest you find a guy with a Bulldozer!    Good Luck!

    Hey there Aussie "pythonlover" Thanks for the greeting also a "Hi"to everyone else also!



    G`day Twittynan, I also am a bronzed ANZAC, well I was years ago welcome to our pack of ratbags.
    You will providing you have the strength to stay with us find we are not a bad pack of poor b-----ds.
    I live on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful Queensland.

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