I have chronic pain from narrowing of the spine, cubital tunnel, lumbar pain, copd and having right hip replaced is these factors enough to get disabilty

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    I have suffered with these symptoms far to long i need help

    i have no answer for you but i'm wondering what you take for your chronic pain. i too have pain.
    this may be something that we can't discuss here. i take methadone.

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    The best thing to do is ask for your doctors,therapists, physicians, ect to write a detailed letter as to what is wrong. Permanent injuries and inability to perform certain tasks must be supported in writing and ask that it be put in simple layman's terms so nothing can be turned around by the pension board. Also prepare a list of the things you can no longer do like stand for more than a half hour, sit for more than a half hour, bending to pick things up...go in to a detailed job description pointing out the duties you can no longer handle.The more solid proof you have other than injuries that can not be physically seen, the better off your chance is if you have to fight for it.Good luck to you

    good answer, mom. it's not something that is part of my life but i think you helped teddy.
    Should be, file and file again, if you haven't had a work record this will hurt you. need to show you can't do what you did to make a living.
    I have ms and I receive disability.Call the local social security for the correct form's to fill out.
    The Doctor's will fill out all necessary paperwork etc you fill you part of the paprerwork the Doctor's the mail their res x-ray's all needeed info. You mail
    yours and wait and hope you get it the first time.GOOD LUCK!!


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