I know we almost all have been injured and had to go to the hospital what happned??

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    they gave me pain meds and told me to get back to work


    i Cracked my head once it hurt

    1.My brother and his friend locked me in an old icebox so they could go smoke cigarettes without me seeing them for fear I might tell Dad. They forgot about me and wen it was dinnertime Mom asked my brother where I was and he came out and opened the door. It had been 4 hours,  my blue jeans and my skin were the same color and I kept dozing off to sleep. I slept for two days and I never knew if I been taken to the hospital or not.

    2.Felt sleepy while driving, so I pulled off to the side of the road to sleep. Woke up in the hospital morgue with a toe tag and chart reading DOA. So I put my clothes on and walked out of the hospital and found my car about to be impounded and took my car and went home.      


    good story at least u survived

    Wow! Glad you're here for Christmas.......!

    Amazing you are here! and I'm very happy you didn't pass away in such a 'stupid' way...ahhh siblings & the stupid things we used to do to one another. Merry Christmas Robert!

    It was the big FISH FRY FIRE!!!!!!!


    Oh No! Did you get singed while Fishy was running in circles?

    We were camping under "the bridge" and I rolled over onto a piece of glass and sliced my arm for 14 stitches and 3 internal ones,,,,,,,

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