December 23 at 4:10 PM -- I'm going out to shop. Macy's & Michael's. Are you done shopping?

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    Absolutely!  Have fun in the mobs.

    Finished everything, yahoo!

    No..went out for an hr today but my body couldn't take it.  Tomorrow is another day. Yikes- tomorrow is the last day!


    i’ve been doing really good lately. (at least during the day) I went out with the happy crowds. They were eating, listening to live music, shopping for those very special gifts to make the people they love happy. The spirit lifted me.
    The place where I shopped was joyful.
    doolittle: I’ve had chronic pain for ten years. How long have you suffered from an injury ... or whaever.
    On the 24th at 5PM we have our big meal. Xmas day is left overs and watching the kids play with their new toys.

    5 years. Have a Lovely joyous Christmas itsmee!

    Merry Christmas, doolittle.

    Itsmee= Have a Blessed Christmas!!!!

    MOBS R ME!   Later ... 

    I'm done before I begin. I send/give cash or gift cards :)

    Yeap - I'm done - cannot bear it - the shopping trolleys look so full - one would think there is going to be a famine and such commercialized chaos - Colleen's got the right idea saves everyone having to look so happy with the gift you gave them when in fact they are not like getting the John Grisham book they have already read etc. Oh sorry - is it the thought that counts? Too cynical methinks - oh dear.Apart from food shopping - I hope the kids get what they wanted within their parents budget. 

    I picked up James' last gift on Friday. He picked it to open tonight. Oh, well, socks and underwear for tomorrow............

    Yes. I wanted to get a few more things for unexpected company., but I absolutely cant stand all the people out there shoving and pushing to get to the markdowns, I will do with what I have. It really is a zoo out there.


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