why can't I go to the previous page on my google browser?

    I am using Google Chrome 16.1... and for several days have not been able to back up or go to the previous pages with the left facing arrow. Am confused as to why it has changed and what needs to be done to fix it?

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    Right click on page and select "Back" 

    Ohmy Gosh

    Thanks for the suggestion Colleen, sadly it gives me the same none response as the arrow.

    OK, then it may be as simple as rebooting your computer.
    Ohmy Gosh

    Well it worked when I rebooted half an hour ago and now it's at it again. I have never seen this problem on a browser before and haven't made any changes to my system since this started. I do not have any viruses, trojan horses or little critters running around the inside of my computer either. Maybe it's a Chrome issue and I need to uninstall and reinstall? Would love to hear your further suggestions Colleen. (Or anyone else who wants to get in on this)

    OK, after checking Googles forum, I see this is or was a known issue. See the discussion with suggested fixes here

    Thanks again Colleen. Your time is surely valuable and I appreciate what it must have taken to find this. I understand what they are talking about and looks like I will just wait for the latest version of Chrome to be release in a "stable" condition. It helps to know what is causing the issue and I can live with that for awhile. Merry Christmas.

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