What doctor should I go to for Xanax (Aprazolam) or Kolonipin

    I have a terrible anxiety disorder and noone seems to be able to help.  Please help me, or at least point me in the right direction.

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    A G.P. will be able to prescribe this for you if you can convince him how much you need it.  You may want to try/see a shrink...................

    Some areas want u too see a psychiatrist.


    that's what I said, b/c that's the way it is in my state, and with my ins company

    A regular family doctor should be able to prescribe it for you. 


    I tried that, he wanted to put me on something i've been on before and doesn't work: busporine or something like that. I get such bad panic attacks that I can't even leave the house, this is terrible.

    Then try a different doctor. A doctor should listen to you.

    deep breathing carry a paper bag with you had panic attacks all my life and rearly have them now when you feel one is coming on deep breath and hold breath and blow out slowey  have a look on the internet you will be able to control them or please see your Doctor to point you in the right direction good luck

    start with your family doctor . He or she can either start you on anti-anxiety pills,or point you to a good psychiatrist; or he'll send you to a Dr. that has a lot of experience with adjusting medication for anxiety and depression . Some states and some insurance companies won't let your familiy Dr. give you those drugs, except to get you stared on them. From there, you have to go to a psychiatrist to get them. Unfortuntately, many people don't have health insurance and can't afford the pills.There are inexpensive self- help groups you can go to . And some group therapy sessions aren't too expensive. I wish you the best, and I"ve been thru it since I was in the 8th grade.


    Great advice!!

    Try and not resort to xanax (too adictive)you can beat anxiety/panic attacks with simple breathing techniques.


    I disagree w/pythonlover. I have in the past taken Kloanipin from a neurologist and later from a psychiatrist. I now take Ativan (lorazepam) from a psychatrist. Panic attacks/severe anxiety attacks are horrible. I believe you CANNOT beat them with breathing exercises. See if your family Dr. will refer you to either a neurologist or psychatrist. My prayers go out to you. Best wishes.

    I have beat my panic attacks/anxiety dissorder,i have done a 12 week self help program.The breathing technique certainly reduces the symptons when you are in a full blown panic attack.

    It depends on how often and how bad your panic attacks are.Ask your regular dr. fist and go from there.Thats what i did i was refered to a great specialist.

    Anxiety is painful but a valium can make it all go away.

    Go to the mental health clinic. But a private shrink for you would be best bet.

    Don't self medicate you'll make it worse.

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