Who is the smartest person you ever met and why is/was that person so smart?

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    No one can be smart in every aspect of his/her life; book-smart may have no common sense or be terrible at relationships, and around and around it goes.
    Intelligent:  my elementary/high school classmate:  Marlan
    Common sense:  yeah; the jury is still out on that one
    Book-smart:  my sister, Margaret
    Relationship:  my best friend, Laurie 


    I’ll try that one when I’m not rushing.

    I haven't met them personally,but there is a few smart members here at akaQA.The answers they give are of high standards.


    Interesting question. I would think along with that question, that person would have had a dramatic impact on your life. Not one person specifically in my life. Many people have made me what I am or am not today. From some S**tbag vagrant to very well educated persons. I have never met anyone who hasn't in some way contributed in forming my philosophy on life.


    you never fail to amaze and amuse.
    Hoping your Mrs. is going to enjoy a healthy holiday.
    ed shank

    I'm doing everything I can to make this one special. Thank you for asking, very sweet of you.

    Don't fuss but Jesus...when I met him my world changed and I got to know God!

    Dunno but bet when you find out it will be female.

    I'd have to go with my dad he got his wisedom right from the bible...

    Albert Einstein in 1948-1950. I was 3-5 at the time and the photo of him with his tongue out and a surprise look was taken in my parents living room when I asked him to make a scary face as it was Halloween. Three photographers were there also. He stayed at our home several times and he would get up before dawn and play cards with me (crazy 8s, poker, and Solitaire). We went fishing once on my Uncles boat…a 32 foot Criss Craft cabin cruiser in the Chesapeake Bay.  

    It was a professor, what impressed me was he knew when his input would be of interest and value, but he also knew when to listen to others and make them feel valued also.

    My husband! 

    My Dad. He was book smart and had common sense. Miss him very much. 

    Every person I meet teaches me something. I have noticed that everyone is smart about at least one thing. The dumb people are the ones who think they are smart and refuse to listen to the average person.


    I am always aware that the person in front of me is there for some reason. I will learn some little thing even if it’s not to wear bad shoes.
    Some reason ... some little tiny reason. And sometimes real important stuff. sadiesays, I like your posts.

    The wife .She married "ME".


    Thank you .I am a yes man you know yes "dear will do "dear ect,

    The people I'm going to mention are not the smartest people I have ever met as they are both still learning. My Step-son (10) and my niece (9). They both have a form of autism and are both very smart for their age. I talk to both very often, my niece daily, and they are always asking very intelligent questions, questions that other kids their age don't care about asking. What I love the most is how they surprise me with comments they make during our conversations, or the answers they come out with to questions. Like one time I was talking about how Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Sir Issac Newton all had learning disabilities also. My step daughter didn't know who these people were, so I was explaining it to her but when I got to Sir Issac Newton and explained about gravity, she asked "isn't he the one that discovered electricity" but before I could respond my step son speaks up and says " no that was Benjamin Franklin, with the kite." 

    I am so proud of these 2. They impress me daily, and I love them so much.

    There are 3. One was an attorney who represented me in a lawsuit against the US Gov't in the Federal Court System. They produced a handwriting "expert" as a witness, without any advance notice, and my atty. dismantled him and showed that the only thing he was an expert was, at lying (well, almost). The second is my cousin who is a chemical engineer and has over 25 patents and co-patents to his credit. The third is another cousin who was taking apart and putting together TV's when he was 5. He was offered a full scholarship to Cornell. I am pretty sure he got a perfect score on his S.A.T., as well.

    ""Well, I'd say it was me...

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