Who are Republican presidential hopefuls?

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    The republican 'hopeful' is still to be seen. Democrats are all excited about Ron Paul, Donald Trump and Romney.. The only possible of these three is Romney and he is no match for Obama.. The other two (besides trump) while interesting at best, will not go much past their present position as candidates. Notice I didn't mention Palin.

    This i think is good for the republican party because their gun is yet to be loaded while the Democrats are firing both barrels at nothing right now.. the shocker is yet to arrive for republicans and then-- You can bet that MSNBC will go crazy-- regardless of what Republican comes forward, he/she will be in the Democrat's eyes, sent from Satan himself.. They have a tendency to pull up dirt on any republican, including democrats that lean right.
    Ron Paul, Mitt Romney to mention of the top three, I don't think any of them have the qualifications, fit the bill or any different from all the others who are just interested in lining their pockets no no matter how much money they have now. As for the Tea Party Gang, Don't even think about it!!!If the guys in fron don't run faster, they'll catch up with them!!!!

    Donald Trump - Just fooling around, not serious. Especially since Republicans are very serious about moral issues. Trump is hardly a moral person.

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