how can I get archived mail back to read them?

    I have some mail over 3 years old archived away but I do not kow how to bring it back.

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    These are the steps you need to follow to read Archived Mail:
    on Gmail, archived mail is transferred into the All Mail folder (a list of your folders is seen on the side). By clicking on the All Mail folder you'll be able to see all your archived mail. You can transfer emails from that folder by to your inbox or any other folder by selecting the emails and selecting the option from the 'more actions' button. But archived emails do come up in searches, so that should make them easier to find.
    On Outlook, archived mail is still stored in the original folder, only hidden. To view it again, go to the file menu and select Import. Next choose Message. Select All Folders in the search field and fill in the email details in the filter field to narrow down the results. Click Next and the emails will appear.

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