is the hot water from your waterheater safe,to drink or cook with?

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    Lots of people use their hot water to cook and make drinks with and I've never heard of anybody getting sick from it...The water should be hot enough to kill germs...............


    Specially for cabbage J, xo. KOTF.

    Not to Drink Cook I would say yes.

    If its boiling hot, be careful mycobacterial  disease, though rare can survive hot water and freezing (I cant use ice cubes unless the water has been boiled before freezing) for me after months in hospital I personally would not risk it if I were in doubt

    Put it to you this way, Its steaming hot. No bacteria or viruses can survive. So yes its safe. If you have a well check for chemical contamination. Invest in a reverse osmosis system for better water conditions.

    I know a man who built a house with solar heat and had his hot water heat system tied in with the domestic water heater, the solar also preheated the hot water for the heater.  The inspector gave him a hard time, saying you could not drink the water from heating system, however, since it was exchanged daily, there was less risk.  The man is in his late 80's now, he ain't dead or sick yet! 

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