my friend inlove with someone but that man is poor ,can she continue to marry him even do she know she don't have good future,pls answer me?

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    Nothing can stand in the way of true love,this might be her only chance of finding happiness.Who knows they could live happily ever after,(there are a lot of poor people)at least they will have each other.If it is meant to be it will be.


    If the married couple have a baby, problems start for everybody.

    You don,t marry for MONEY,you marry for LOVE. If your friend is in love with this man and he with her they will have a way of working themselves through bad times and good, like most of us have to.

    Your friend is in love with a man and wants to marry him.  You say that because he is does not have a lot of money, she thinks she doesn't have a "good future"?
    That's just so wrong. 

    This help prove MONEY isn't necessary for LOVE AND HAPPINESS!!!

    You will probably both need to work. Don’t marry someone who you will have to carry financially. Make sure he gets a good job and has it for at least a year before you marry.

    Hm...this mentality is so screwed up, I don't even know what to say. It's like it breaks down the marriage concept to the long-term leasing of a prostitute instead of the husband-wife thing. I can only say I am grateful not to have people like this around that mindset is really screwed up!

    MY hubby and I are dirt poor.. But we love the life we have... Scrapping by is hard... But It makes you strong and creative... Money is just icing... But I ususually scrape it of because it is too sweet anyway.

    Your friend has the right to marry anybody she chooses in spite of the circumstances.....

    Having enough money to live comfortably, makes life a lot easier.  Ask anyone who has none!


    Ducka: You Da Man Ducka !!! Or Woman .. hehe

    I want to learn to live comfortably. I want to budget tight. We bought a new car and had payments. That new Honda is gone gone. I won't say what's in its place ... except it's green enough, and safe enough for all practical purposes. I had to quit my job early because I hurt my neck. My husband quit his job to help me cope.

    People marry because of physical attraction. Homosexual or heterosexual. I would not marry someone that is a financial wreck. .....There are other fish in the sea. The water is getting polluted too.

    If he treats her with respect and does not have an alcohol or drug problem , she should do what her heart tells her.


    Well, I've made decisions with my heart in the past only to have my brain later tell me I was a dumbass.

    So sorry it happened to you. It happened to me too. I was young and dumb and left my family behind in Germany.I knew he was drinking too much and because he missed his family, thought, he would stop. It never happened and only got worse.

    I  was married for many years to a wealthy man (not rich, but very comfortable) we both worked hard to get what we had, we started with $30 between us, I did every crap job known to man to make ends meet, he worked and studied and eventually had double degrees, if they love each other money shouldn't be an issue, but they may have to roll up their sleeves and work hard, but they wouldn't be the lone rangers, lots of people start with little, it doesn't mean they are condemned to live a life of poverty

    Horse Hockey.   Whether we like it or not.  Finances are a factor in most everything.  It pisses me off when someone on welfare gets married and then they have children.   Then you read in the popular press about all the children living in poverty.    What the hell would you expect ????? 

    Hey. If you can't afford to get married.     DON'T GET MARRIED.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     And for christ sake don't have children.

    Why is he broke?  If hes just starting out, trying to forge a new career path, or lives in an area where jobs are really hard to find I wouldn't worry too much.  BUT if he is lazy, thinks she'll earn the bucks (without discussing this with her), has a spending or gambling problem, etc. your concern has some merit.  Tread Lightly- She may not be able to 'see' what you do.  Love Is Blind.  AND, she may defend him.  If you argue your case too hard she may feel she has to pick between the two of you- If so, you may lose her as a friend.  If he's a decent guy, wants to be Mr Mom, and you sense he does and will care for her & the kids in the many ways $ doesn't then she has found a gem.  By the way, is $ as important to her as it is to you?

    money is a necessity but not a security, we should not put our trust on the material things such as our position we have in our job or our reputation or the money we have in our account. our security should be placed in god, if we acknowledge god in all our matters and make him our priority than the rest will be added. in our society we want things to be added to us and than put god on second, i confidently feel that if we put our prioritys strait we will live a more satisfying and abundant life.

    If he's lazy or a boozer or doper throw him under the bus. I was broke when I got married but we both had a work ethic. We didn't ask for or expect anything from anybody. We are comfortable today and can hold our heads up knowing what we accomplished we did ourselves. Nothing will kill a relationship quicker than lack of $$$$.

    You Da Man Ducka !!!!!   Or Woman ...   hehe...

    That is completely up to your friend and not you.

    you can be poor and happy or rich and miserable, love can make the difference. 

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