Does the light from florescent lighting cause depression?

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    I don't think so!  Any light source in the winter is great! Years ago babies born with jaundice were placed beneath florescent lamps for therapy.


    Their eyes were covered up .

    i know in the winter i feel like hibernating, unless im having problems like tonight. but sunlight is supposed to be good for depression.

    Depression is rampant these days, I've struggled with it for many years. Good question by the way thumbs up.

    I think the key is having a positive attitude and being around people when you are isolated. Get out there and do something fun.


    Leeroy. I have as well. Not easy at times

    Lack of sunshine will cause depression. This happens a lot in the winter months.  If all you do is sit under a fluorescent light all day, it can aid in depressing you.  Get outside more or buy a "day light" bulb....

    You can get a daylight bulb and that is sopose to be very good for S A D

    Fluorescent lights is the best lighting you can have very cheap to run ,do not keep switching on /off that runs your electricity high that's why shops have it longer its on the cheaper it is 


    Yes I agree with jhharlan... lots of us suffer from the"Winter Blues".. due to lack of sunlight`s still advisable to try and be out for at least half an hour daily when there is daylight..but a SAD..seasonalaffective disorder?? lamp on your desk for at least two 1/2 hr periods a day can help a lot..I have one..(You just have to watch your electricity bill)!!it eats up fuel..but it simulates actual rays we get from the sun!!.....ALSO A lot of people become deficient of the ALL important VITAMIN D...which we get our main "FIX" of from the sunshine!! can always ask your GP for a routine blood test...i did and found i was very deficient..or you can buy VITAMIN D tabs/caps AT YOUR PHARMACY!!!...I`M NOT HERE to always check with your gp or pharmacist first!!...ROLL ON THE SPRING!!!lol...GOOD LUCK! millie x

    You can get ' full- spectrum ' fluorescent tubes to replace the standard type which should prevent SAD.

    ....try daylight rated tubes

    Personal opinion,i doubt it,people can be sensitive to light,but depression is a different ball game..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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