on the ceiling light fitting i have two red wires to to attatch a ceiling rose to which is the live one

    every other light fitting around the house has a red and black wire connection coming through the ceiking

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    On twin,and earth wire,one is always red,one black ,the other is the earth wire,one red comes from the circuit breaker,and goes with the red down to the switch,then back to the cealing rose on the black wire,called the switch line;  Isolate all wires an use a mains tester ,to find the live red from the main circuit breaker,...

    Someone sometime has been short of wire and put a lenghth of "red" onto a "black" line would be my first thought.

     Bad move.

    Try to pull  both wires through the ceiling OR get up in the crawl space and see if you can determine which is the "Active" (red" lead and which is the "Negative" (black) wire.

    If you can`t, call a sparky who will be able to test which is which.

    Electricity seldom gives you two bites at the cherry, do NOT mess with it, it will always win.

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