School bans Christmas.

    A school in Balmain NSW has banned Christmas because a Hindu parent objected.

    No Christmas tree,no carols with Jesus in them etc.

    They say the kids are confused.

    What do you think???

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    Hey Tommyh, usually Hindus in Australia celebrate Christmas too. They must be 'strange'. If we went to India and tried to change something because we didn't like it, they'd chase you.

    ..........with knives.

    Eggplant ,the indian's who celebrate xmas are Anglo indians and they are christians.

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    The local schools here can still have Christmas parties and sing Christmas songs. 

    If someone tries to change it here you might see me in the News...........

    I think....oh, we go again.....         :)       :(


    Yeah,I know.But it still pisses me off!

    Yes, here we go again. It reminds me of Cinco de Mayo here. Students who wore t-shirts that boasted the American flag were sent home that day. There were a number of flags of Mexico flying on flagpoles....with the American flag waving proudly UNDER the Mexican flag. LIVID!


    Ironically, Cinco de Mayo is not an official/oserved holyday.

    I am with Tommy, we are primarily a christian  nation and if the christian belief and celebration offends those of other beliefs they have 2 choices accept they are in our country or 2 bugger off back where they came from.

    Who thinks for the briefest of moments if we were in their country we would be shown the same consideration and they not go to the wailing wall etc.

    There goes another pig with wings.


    Well said old mate!

    Must be a dogoodie who changed it to suit them.

    As I stated in another comment here, an examination in the pants may reveal missing parts.

    As an immigrant my self I agree with PEPLELOVE:accept we are in this country or  bugger off back where we came from.


    That's a good attitude valR.Where did you come from?

    Eastern Europe.

    Thank you, valR.

    Agreed. Thank you.

    thank you valR! i hope you can influence people from your culture. God bless you heart soul, spirit and insight!


    Unfortuneate how one can be hurtful to many. Although I am Pagan I take no offense when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas, I simply reply with " I wish you a Merry Christmas also". It is the polite thing to do because I know they mean well. I usually wish people I don't know a "Happy Holiday" as to not offend. No one has seemed to balk and it works for me. All religions are beautiful and should be respected and tolerated by everyone, especially at this time of year when most celebrate a festival, of their particular faith.


    I don't think "Merry Christmas" necessarily has religious overtones. I believe it's a time of year when everyone should be happy.The sharing of gifts & good will to others is a good thing & should not be dismissed as a Christian ritual.
    I am a confirmed atheist & I still enjoy Christmas very much.

    Tommyh, it truely is a time of year when everyone should be happy and I enjoy it alot also! Christmas should not be banned.

    2 words can tell you what i think.Bloody and Ridiculous!

    I,m not a religios person but I do respect everyones right to have a belief of their own choosing, remember, you pick your belief, it does not pick you. To get back to the question, in todays multicultural society wouldn,t it be simpler to celebrate all beliefs festivals,think of all the holidays the multicultural kids would have, you think THEY,D be unhappy, I don,t


    "in todays multicultural society wouldn,t it be simpler to celebrate all beliefs festivals"

    True. Think of the diverse education they would get. Some kids might even want to change religions because of it.

    I think that may cause a wee bit of contention, but hey, isn,t everyone free to choose whatever they want?

    Good idea ROMOS and Colleen, in fact the kids when they get older might even give up religion altogether. (Sad to hear that Christopher Hitchens has died).

    The kids should be free to do what they feel is the right decision for themselves, and Yes it,s sad that Chris is gone,gave as good as he got, especially with the liar Blair.

    It would be cool to study different cultures and celebrations, but I don't know that I would encourage kids to celebrate; please understand that here, students were not celebrating the birth of Christ at school (not at the public schools anyway). Christmas is possibly the only holiday that is recognized around the world; I'm not saying it is celebrated world-wide; obviously it isn't. Oddly enough, our students have their "spring break" around the same time as Easter. What a coincidence.

    The same thing goes on here in the states. Some schools do allow a Christmas party but with no religious undertones to it. Santa and reindeer are the themes. Other schools have no Christmas anything. I kind of agree with no Christmas party. The kids get their winter vacation during the week of the holiday. Their parents can take them to church if that's the way they want to celebrate Christmas or they can take them to the mall to see Santa if they are not religious. To say Merry Christmas at school, does make it of one particular faith and leaves out all the kids who are not Christian but celebrate the holiday for Santa or maybe even the winter solstice as is the Pagan tradition (who had the holiday first). 


    The kids enjoyed a gift exchange (boys brought boy gifts; girls brought girl gifts; no name-drawing),and many gave a little gift to their teachers, too, when they had the parties (similar to Valentine's Day, but with gift instead of cards). Our school even had a "Santa's Secret Workshop" the Parents' Club sponsored. They purchased many nice but inexpensive items. The children would bring their Christmas money and a list to the store and do their holiday shopping there. I loved the little gifts my sons bought for me...still have a key chain my 25-year-old son gave me when he was 8! (The parents wrapped the gifts for the kids. It wasn't a money-making thing, either...really fun).

    The U.S. & Australia are both Christian based countries, the immigrants know this before they arrive, then have the audacity to try an change it because it doesn't suit them, if they don't like it put them all in boat and send them back, but unfortunately the authorities take notice of minority groups --- What happened to majority rules, we are going to end up like Europe inc. the U.K. and have anarchy beween christians and the non - christians. Tommy you said it was hindu that objected, what religion allows cattle to roam the streets unmolested as they are supposedly sacred,  when their is extreme poverty and starvation--- doesn't make sense.



    Prez Obama made the public statetment " The United States is not a Christian country " What does he think it is....Hari Krishna ?

    mycatsmom, on the green back it states 'in god we trust', at the time it was first printed it was referring to the Christian God, Presedent Obama aught to brush up on American History instead of worrying about political correctness.

    barra, totally agree, but I want to know why our aboriginal population who ridicule, abuse,and refuse to acknowledge any of our laws or traditions suddenly become very conscious of Christmas when they get an extra payout, thanks to the taxpayers

    lambshank, it's because they can, maybe what Pauline Hanson wanted several years ago would have stopped this' one law for all.'

    I think that is taking "politically correct" to a new LOW.  
    There were some Mormon students in my kids' school.  Every year there was a choral Christmas program (YES, it was a CHRISTMAS program), held at a nearby church that had seating for the 600 or so people who would attend.  
    The Mormon students did not participate in the concert.  
    At Halloween, there was a class party and the school had a costume parade first thing in the morning.  The Mormon students did not participate in the parade or the party.  
    The boy in my eldest son's class really hated not participating.  FINALLY, he told his parents he wanted to be part of his class and participate.  His parents allowed him to do so.


    Don't be silly Bob, the hindu parent would have lost control, cause thats what it is about, a minority having control over the majority, give in to this whats next,wearing orange robes as a uniform or on the knees praying to the east --- i totally agee with you Bob. Stand up and be counted.


    not only are the kids confused so isn't the "authority" that enforces theses "laws" shame on them, but i guess"they" must reconize all "religions or none at all..

    I'm sorry but even as a child (and Christian) I  worried about the minority that got ignored at Christmas as it wasn't their belief.  I'm just fair minded.  Celebration should be had by all but just as a celebration.  Separation of church and state. I was taught that in the 4th. grade.

    Since 1905 schools in France have been secular and celebration of religious festivals is banned.

    Now that 5% of people living in France are Muslims they want things their way, including dress customs, naturally.


    That's a scary thought. How odd they leave a place that has such oppressive "customs" and try to enforce them on others. Creepy.

    Happy Holidays!!  I hope you all enjoy the winter festval of your choosing!!


    Happy holidays, my foot. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    @sadie...In the work force, did you get CHRIST...mas Day off? Did you work CHRIST...mas Day and get paid double time? I hope you turned that extra cash back in to your employer, since it's just a holiday for you.

    I gladly accepted the "just a holiday" pay for working Christmas. If I worked, that meant a Christian was free not to work. For me Xmas IS just a holiday.

    I heard that somewhere, Colleen. :)

    Well, when I was growing up Our School celebrated Christmas and Hanuukah. They have added teaching about Ramadan(sp) and celebrate Kwanza.  I think that's the way to go.  Gives kids an education, teaches them about diversity and other cultures, and the kids love it!  It never bothered me to learn Hanuukah songs, learn about the festival of lights, etc.


    ...........and did any of the kids change their faith based on what they learned at school? I didn't think so.

    No, Bob, but every kid felt included because their religious holiday was celebrated. A public school (separation of church and state) needs to be all-inclusive or completely secular. I would think, if you want your kindergartener or 6th grader to 'convert' kids to your religion, you have probably already placed them in private school.

    Thank you Tommth for this question.  Plus it is an area that totally pisses me off.  I grew up with Christmas celebrations in school and at home.  Christmas, and the atmosphere that it creates is so exciting and fun to children, even if they are not a Christian.  A lot of grow ups also get excited about the idea of Christmas and Christmas celebrations.  I believe in diversity.  But i do not, do not, believe in somebody coming to the United States and complaining because we celebrate one of our most beloved holidays!  And, with this celebration,  we teach our kids so many valuable lessons, sharing being one,  having emphathy for others, shopping, (keeping the economy going)  learning to not be consumed with their problems, but thinking about others.   For people that do not appreciate our celebrating Christmas in schools,  you  should go but back home. Particularly, if you want to change customs that everybody loves.  It makes me mad.  And we are dumb enough to abide by that crab.  Try to go to a country where they pray three times and day on their knees, and complain.  no telling what might happen to you.  In addition, as we take these cultural traditions out of the schools, very often negative things replace them.  Negative people, gang language, gangsta rap,  etc.  you begin to see kids becoming like the media that they listen to.  Christmas should ABSOLUTELY  NOT, NOT  BE BANNED from SCHOOLS!  Go to a country where you appreciate their celebrations.  Plus it takes a lot of dam nerve to request such insanity.  and some of us are crazy enough to accept that nonsense.    


    Couldn't agree more Tabs.

    Here Here, tabber. Well said. Kudos & Bravo!!

    I do not like it either.  I kind of liked things a lot better when we were able to have things of that nature myself.

    They knew the religion of this country before they step their big fat foot in it. Deal with it or leave! I am not a Christian, but I celebrate peace on earth, good will toward men. I celebrate my family, and the love I have for them.

    Jesus is a little Hindu God, she should be ashamed. I studied this religion. This is a fact! Someone should have reminded her of this. Frankly if they knew it, she wouldn't have been able to pull this crap! One bad apple destroys all the apples in the apple cart. You have to toss out the bad to save the good. They should have handed her an airline ticket, and said Good Bye to rubbish!


    I would imagine an examination in the pants of the school board members would reveal some missing parts.....

    Bob, say it, they are like politicians, i say it for you, gutless , balless, bastards.

    You go girl!
    Been trying to get in touch with you! Colleen will give you my email add!

    Simply signs of the times.

    I do believe though, that it can have a positive effect in the home where it is the most challenging place to live according to one's beliefs.

    For instance; if a Christian is not of 'this world' why would they demand anything from this world?

    The confusion for a Christian may come from a false belief about what to expect from the world.

    Jesus said that He had gone to prepare a place for us. Do we really think that He is preparing a place right down the street from us? Christians need to pray for all people.

    If Jesus has saved us from the wages of sin and death; what is it that any man could possibly take from us?

    Peter put down your sword!



    Yeah,right.Whatever floats your boat.I can't see what any of that has to do with my question.
    I didn't post it to give you another opportunity to thump your bible.See people lovers answer & that's my sentiments exactly.

    I'm glad that you have your answer, mine shouldn't be a distraction at all.
    Merry Christmas

    Please do not use questions to preach in. Thank you.

    My final say on the matter.This country,like the USA was founded as a primarily christian country.

    I am no christian but I can respect their beliefs & enjoy their festivals.

    If you can't respect christian customs,DON'T COME HERE!


    Aman to the A man!!!

    In Public Schools they need/have to follow "separation of church and state"  that means teaching kids about everyone's holidays without much religious content.  please see my comments above.  Your loved ones (parents etc_) and church (all religious gathering places) have the responsibility to teach kids about their religion.  And Christmas has become a 'secular holiday' to many.  It's not about Christ's birth it's about Santa and exchanging gifts. (I know many non-christians who get a tree, hang stockings, etc.) - not saying that's "right" just stating a fact.  


    Well said Doolittle.Thanks.Kids are not going to respect other cultures unless they are taught something about them.

    Thanks Tommy!

    Christmas for me is working ,religious or  not, its about having time with friends and family, for me its not possible, nor is it for the people I work with, so its about being happy, making others happy and enjoying, and more importantly seeing the joy in their eyes (the clients I work with) when they wake up to a a very special day and get things they don't normally get ,It makes me sick when people bring politics and cultures other than our own to totally spoil a tradition, if they feel strongly they don't need to participate, but leave the rest of us alone

    When in Rome

    Jesus is the reason for the season. Don't take the Christ out of  Christ mas

    It's terrible. They should celebrate Christmas, if the majority are at all leaning toward Christianity . And then, they should acknowledge whatever Hindu holiday there is.

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