what could cause all my joints to start popping cracking

    from my neck to my shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and finger joints....all either pop on their own or I feel the need to pop/crack them.  I also have shoulder pain on the shoulder cap/muscle and connective tissues.

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    probably not enough Vitamin D , C , and calcium.     And you need to drink more water. If you smoke, ......quit.

    There are too many things that could cause this. Some depend on age, weight, diet and even illness. Please see a doctor or a chiropractor.

    Coleen has a great point on seeing a good chiropractor.   My chiropractor is the best in the world. I believe.  She recommended for a friend of mind that had popping in the knee, to start adding olive oil to salads.  I have found that olive oil is a great oil to add to many foods.  it is a healing food from what i have read and heard.  Also added it but don't cook with it, which is contrary to popular belief.  But i believe we all have to do a little research for our own health.  That is one of my hobbies, health.

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