What do you think about Newt Gingrich?

    Do you think he's the right man to replace Obama?


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    PRESIDENT NEWT GINGRICH ??????   doesn,t sound right to me!     And that,s from someone who had PRIME MINISTER MARGARET THATCHER!!!!!


    Funny, I thought of the same thing. Was hard enough to get use to the name Barack Obama.

    I honestly tried to like him but he is running with a lot of the same old agenda and tried and failed politics. There are some things I like but not enough new ideas. I think he would be the same ol, same ol and we would not see great change. 


    There are no new ideas. But this present guy doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

    So far, thats all there is. He is a seasoned polititian  and I dont trust seasoned polititians.


    So that,s a no vote then Ann?

    Not willingly. Obama needs to be gone.

    Is this as good as it gets ? Not too much excited about anybody yet..

    Many American would vote for Charles Manson before they re-elect Barack Obama.

    Does it really matter whos on the Republican ticket?



    I try Not to think of him, But,....Iam waiting for him to explode at one of these events. I feel he can only take so much,like anyone, and he will let loose. That will be a news item. I really feel he has been Way to calm so far.

    not much to be honest..

    I believe he has the experience and knowledge to do a good job, maybe great job if he made Herman Cain his

    From Ron Paul's camp: 

    Newt Gingrich's record as the consummate Washington, D.C. insider is crystal clear.

    For his support of the individual mandate central to "ObamaCare" and other Big Government schemes, Newt raked in nearly $40 million from health care giants.

    For his efforts to stop conservative legislators from working to end government involvement in housing, Newt got $1.6 million from Freddie Mac.

    And Newt shamelessly referred to feathering his nest with taxpayer money as "the standard Washington fee."


    So that,ll be undecided then Ms C,lol.

    I have a great running mate for him, Sal A. Mander   ""


    LOL I always think of a salamander too, when I hear his name.

    Look like Rick Santorum or  Michele Bachmann may be the only true Conservatives left.


    Michele is too religious. She even holds speeches in churches. Her favoritism and apparent devotion to her church and religion makes her look like a religious zealot. This is a big reason she will not get in. Religion has no place in man's laws. The bible does not decide what laws Americans should live under. She will get the Christian vote and maybe the votes of a few misguided people but she will not gain enough popularity to get the nod.

    Thank goodness.
    Headless Man

    Freedom of religion not freedom from religion.
    We need a person in the white house who follows GOD.

    I agree. We need someone who believes there is a God but not someone who is not so swallowed up by their religion that their religion does their thinking. We do not need a religious zealot. We do not need Michele. She would be bad for this country and anyone who does not follow her religion.
    Headless Man

    Fair comment but I don't agree.(surprise).....HO HO HO

    You would agree if Allah were the God in the Capitol ;)

    If he's the rep. candidate  .....  I"M VOTING FOR HIM.      I'd vote for a stick before voting for  ......  whats his name ???????   

    Gingrich Vaults Over Romney to Biggest Lead 

    Gingrich’s lead grows even bigger if it’s a two-man race between him and Romney: 59 to 36 percent. In a three-man contest among Gingrich, Romney, and Paul, Gingrich scores 53 percent; Romney, 31 percent; and Paul, 13 percent.

    Read more on NBC Poll: Gingrich Leaps Over Romney to Biggest Lead

    He's a jerk, but a very wealthy jerk. MItt Romney is much better.

    Newt, Mitt, the guy with 2 first names, Ron's like a strange Fraternity.  Newt is nuts! He has a lot of ironies: he visits zoos wherever he goes yet he's not much on protecting the environment.  He made a ton of money off of us with Freddy Mack (govt  supported by our tax dollars) and He studied &taught History- but he keeps changing his history to suit himself.  Not a good one for President but he is entertaining.


    Good to see you, Boris!


    You too!

    Didn't he get kicked out of Congress not all that long ago? I am sorry but I will vote for Obama again before I vote for another self centered cheating man. It is getting harder all the time to find one. Just because we all know about his womanizing and his nest feathering does not give him a pass. Why would people who have a past like that think the voting population will still vote for him. Are there no rules? Can just anyone run for president?


    " I am sorry but I will vote for Obama again before I vote for another self centered cheating man."

    By voting for Obama, you will be doing just that. (He may not cheat on his wife but he cheats on the people who voted him in).

    "Why would people who have a past like that think the voting population will still vote for him"

    People are going to vote for Obama again, it works for him.

    " Can just anyone run for president?"

    Obama did and he got in.

    " Are there no rules?"

    Yes, the rules are keep voting in incompetent presidents. Looks like you're following them :)


    I will not argue Politics with you Colleen. I can tell we will never agree. We must be coming from totally differant places, it is a good thing that we live in a country that allows disagreement, but time will tell. I just think we are to quick toforgive and forget what the rich and famous do. Everyone else has to deal with consequences from ther actions.

    Mark this day when I told you, Obama will be taking the USA into war against Iran, this will cause the beginning of WWIII. Will you still support him then? He is a danger to the US and the world. I do not forgive and forget, I take action through my state reps and governors. I actually took part in a telephone meeting with my Senator last night. I see what's going on.

    Romney is just to "TEFLON" for me. Newt ,isn't what I want to see in office either. Not sure at this point, but this President has to be a one timer. He is evil, I believe he is a racist, a socialist to boot.

    My cat is going to step in as a third party candidate in April.  He has already been endorsed by PETA and Animal Planet :)

    I really am not impressed with anyone running for president in the republican party, therefor I will not be voting for anyone. I will be voting against Obama.

    He's a JOKE!!

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