I received this What is it? Hello, Shipping Confirmation Order # 654-5555122-1744994 Your estimated delivery date is: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Track your package Thank you for shopping with us. We thought you'd like to know that we shipped this portion of your order separately to give you quicker service. You won't be charged any extra shipping fees, and the remainder of your order will follow as soon as those items become available. If you need to return an item from this shipmen

    my E-mai is :

    Please let me know if this was sent by you?

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    1 Answer

    This is akaQA and it was not sent by us. Looks like you made an on line order and this is the confirmation e-mail. The tracking number they provided can be used on the website of the shipper to find out where your order is. Ut also appears that part of your order is back ordered until they can get more stock. 

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