what are the signs of liver disease

    diognosed with hepc 6 years ago and now have pain in the area of the liver

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    The fact that you say you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C means you do have liver disease. Hepatitis pertaining to liver. Hepatitis C is a virus. See your Doctor for regular blood checks to see the liver functions. Liver pain is just awful. Good luck with this - take care of yourself. You need specialist treatment. 


    Also avoid alcohol - IF you do drink alcohol this can give you pain in the liver area without having hepatitis C - As already said get regular liver function tests and if you drink alcohol get a Gamma GT done all done with the same blood test.Your Doctor will decide if and when you need specialist treatment and will give you advice.

    Ask your Doctor would be my advice since you have a history of liver problems




    my husband has hepc and he has pain were his liver is he takes a medacen called pegasus and copegasus and it is helping him but it makes him verv sick it gives him hullucantions of sipders dnd other creapie crawlies im on my space my name is jessica and my email is

    yellow eyes an sometimes yellowing of the skin

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