is it honor or honour, lite or light, program or programme.

    just a little quiz.

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    I wish people would understand that this place is a 'site' not a 'sight' Think people, this is a web-SITE' not a web-SIGHT'..


    "What SIGHT can I go for...."


    "What SITE can I go for..."

    the spelling of some words on the internet such as site are entirely new words which have been added to dictionary;s around the world.

    New word?? 'site'?? A place is a 'site' doesn't need to be a www identifier, 'that's a great site to visit,'

    Sight is 'seeing' What a 'sight that was'-- 'He's a sight for sore eyes.."

    site is not a new word, its just misused here..
    English english if referring to the language, but THE queens English if you are referring to LIZZYs` nationality. That is for you Colleen. For bulletman the call is cooee, no"W" This call came into being yonks ago so that if you were searching for somone in the scrub (low thick bushes) or timber the call carried further, so increasing the chances of success. The word became a common expression for getting in contact with some one. EG: Give me a cooee before you come to make sure I am home> I will give you a cooee when the job/ parcel/meal etc is ready. During WW1 there was a famous Cooee March where the young men set out from a country area in New South Wales and as they approached a community they would "cooee" and the men of each area joined the march so increasing the numbers. They walked all the way to Sydney where they all enlisted in the army for service overseas. Up the ANZACS

    now i'm dissillusioned!
    In English english it is honour not honor. Light not lite. Programme not program. The USA for its` own reasons speaks Americam english and delete the "u" in many words but that is fine that is their language. I Australia we speak English english but this is also full of Australian slang the same as english in England is. If I used our slang on this SITE I would say a loaf of bread was a loaf of dodger. I believe it is encumbent on us all to use language others can understand when asking or answering questions on this site. Having said that, hooroo cobber.

    English english or the Queen's english?

    australian english coooweee cobber
    I am old enough for this kind of thing to get up my nose, but I am resigned to the younger generation talking rappa speak, and the writen word becoming text language. LOL.
    honor,light and programme

    great someone knows their grammer

    But mixes English & American English

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