Why was the Colleen comment deleted? Who is "after" her?

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    Nothing to worry about lol. Just a disgruntled who I imagine got his/her account suspended at some point for breaking the vulgarity rule. One of the administrators deleted the thread.  I was just going to leave it. I know people enjoy cyber slapping trolls like that ;)


    Hmmmm .... I would like to do away with some vulgarity that I see frequently.

    I delete it as I see it. Some mild swearing is allowed. If you find something you think is offensive, click the report abuse link.
    ed shank

    I couldn't help it, they just piss me off with garbage like that.

    You're OK Ed. I left it so you guys could have a chew toy if you needed one ;)

    “Chew Toy” Ha Ha

    I enjoyed it, thanks........!

    That's what you get for slacking Don. You never know when fun with trolls is going to happen. ;)

    I suppose this isn't the right place to ask questions about living arrangements and foreign lands but what can I do?  I can't imagine not tipping. Are the workers so well paid that they don't need the money?

    What language will you speak? How long will it take you to learn to speak it?



    Oh, it was just some troll out to piss Colleen off by threatening gang type of upheaval....It would only make you mad to read it and your fingers to itch to type a defense.....


    I'll make sure I send you an e-mail for the next one so you don't miss out on playing with the chew toy, hehehe. I leave them to be cyber slapped around by the members but the admin end up suspending them and deleting the thread. They're no fun, lol

    I was wondering about that too, itsmee.  I took the time to grade the submission, yet I was not able to find out the reaction from our peers.  I thought that was the longest lasting vulgar submission on this site.



    One of the administrators removed it. I'm sure the troll will be back.

    That guy was truly incredible. He used no more than 2 adjectives for a 75-word sentence.

    Do you have your household help now? My son is going to Peru and there he could have a large house, a chauffeur, a cook, and household help.
    His wife is not going to go with him so he will live in one room camp, share a bathroom and the money that would have gone to the household help will go to his frequent flights back to the Florida Keys. Is your situation like that?

    Re: the submission. I think it’s for the best that they removed it. Yes, Colleen, they will probably be back. We’ll watch.

    We have 3 of our ex-employees living there for free (we haven't had the need for them since my dad passed on 2 years ago). When we finally move there, we'll need perhaps 1-2 people to help us. They cost between $200-335 per month each. Very reasonable. We're 18-24 months before we move there.

    How cheap is it to live there? Let's see, a plate of noodles is $8 in Hawaii. In Thailand, 75 cents. Tipping is not necessary.

    We commoners can't delete our fellow aka er's questions or comments. It must have been a fluke, or someone in aol administration deleted it. What category was it under ? I don't remember any of her comments being deleted.


    Did you bother to read any of the answers here? Again, this forum is not owned or run by AOL. No affiliation at all.

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