Why do married women flirt more than single women when out for the evening with their female friends?

    Don't say it ain't so. I have seen it all to many times.

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    Because it is safe...........


    Aint that the truth;)

    NAW,NAW NAW, they,re just making sure they,re still attractive to men, in most cases it,s only flirting, but when they meet me? well not if she was a mates,awright? KOTF.

    i agree , they must not have a happy marriage or something to that effect..perhaps they miss the hunt for red october..

    Because they don't get out much! They know they can go home and be safe! Just having a little fun!

    I think it's because they already have a man so they don't really have any concern whether they are over kill or not. It is a game more, I would guess than having any hope attached to meeting someone.

    Safe as at the time they have nothing to loose as hubby is at home and if they did get a knock back they still have hubby at home

    ed shank

    Nothing wrong with it. Harmless as long as the the one being flirted with isn't a whack job.

    Thanks ed shank oxoxoxox

    Could be because their husbands no longer show them the same attention they get from other men. Women like to feel desirable so if they can get that feeling from harmless flirting, especially if their husband no longer flirts with them, then why not? 

    ignorant to the facts of life, childish and immature.

    Crikey a shrink would have a Hay Day with C-dawg.

    Speaking from personal experience C-dawg, are you really that amazing?

    because they are not trust worthy wives and are bored of their relationship and flurt with other guys even when their husband is an amazing person 

    I hadn't noticed.

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