Is it not true that lot of sports, entertaining industry stars and such are part of 1% some of the 99% were protesting against? Some Roman Emperors provided Roman citizens with free bread and circus. Why so (too) many Americans so cavalierly /faintly pay obscene prices for today equivalent of Roman circus yet some of them “chose to occupy WS”?

    This is a part of one of my earlier questions to which I only received one response only. You really do not have an opinion on this subject?

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    I do not pay attention to the wall street gang. They are nutty and destructive and will be sent packing from all their campsites soon.  They've killed their own agenda through their illegal actions of destruction and theft. 

    California, enough said.

    Thank you all for your answers!

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    Well, I don't think that they should be allowed to camp out where ever they like, but then that is the whole point of civil disobedience, to impede the flow of progress of government or whatever institution you object to through peaceful demonstration. As far as assults and criminal activity, when you get large crowds you are going to have some problems. The tea party gatherings were coupled with some altercations when they first appeared. Also, it is big business that  they are protesting. As we've seen from the last recession big business played a large part in the problem with their convoluted securities and other underhanded business activities. No, I don't think they are as disorganized as people would like to think and I also think that they are very effective.

    Business an economics of today in no way resembles what was learned in college. It has become distorted and skewed into some sort of Frankenstein monster. Just the sort of practice that needs to be protested in a method that get attention and they sure do that.


    " the whole point of civil disobedience, to impede the flow of progress of government or whatever institution you object to through peaceful demonstration."

    The wall street gang are not peaceful. Women are even getting assaulted. Time to shut them down.

    I didn't realize that I had hit the wrong thing and added another comment, but I'm not typing this crap all over again. geeze

    I can see we are going to disagree on this. Any time you have large groups you are going to have people that go with the sole purpose of causing trouble. Also, what about when OWL first started and they were attacked by the police without justification or when the police in Cal. over reacted and maced those peaceful protesters. No, I think that wall street is getting just what they deserve. Those people are bastions of business ethics. They have corrupted the system to point where people are going to take action and maybe this is the result.

    Organization makes a huge difference. They are not organized. They are a mob, a gang, nothing good will come of this as they are going after the wrong people. Already a Jewish girl in Canada was attacked and lit on fire because the wall street gang blames Jews.

    Colleen: I understand your concern about the violence that attends these protest, but as in all large protest movements there are people that have nothing to do with the movement that come with the sole purpose of causing trouble. I hardly think that these people,whose concerns are economic, lurk in the bushes when night falls in order to attack people when they pass by. This movement is huge and will have preditors that are attracted to it because of the large crowds on which to prey. That is unfortunate, but hard to control. Also, since this is such a large group it actually has a relatively small amount of criminal activity and what does happen is blasted all over every paper and TV station in the country because sensationalism sells.
    I also think that they are getting their message out very effectively. They are concerned with wall streets unethical conduct, the unequal distribution of income in this country, and the failure of the regulatory system, all economic issues. Similarly, the teaparty is economicly driven as well, but their disagreement is with the size of the government. Both are valid concerns. Maybe, they should consider joining forces.

    Here is a situation that proves the old adage "whatever the market will bare" , meaning that demand drives price. Is it too high?  I guess not, since they are able to get those salaries.

    As far as the OWS group. I don't think that it matters that they are disorganised and lack structure. They are effective because they strike fear into the hearts of the conservatives and tea party memebers.  They are a nuisance, but they stir passion in others as is evidenced by their growing numbers they have actually gone global.


    They are a threat to all. Disorganized groups become fanatical and destruction and death is sure to follow. They are destructive to businesses, breaking windows and such and they steal from businesses because they believe no business should prosper if by (their calculations) the business is charging too much. They are unorganized law breakers and dangerous to everyone.

    " With the increased number of assaults and criminal events being reported at Occupy events across the country, many are beginning to wonder whether the message of being aware of income disparities is being drowned out by people who do not share those core convictions. On The O’Reilly Factor last night, host Juan Williams debated a panel on the merits of the occupying going on, suggesting that maybe “attracting people who are involved in nihilism” wasn’t the best way to spread a political message."

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