Not counting cereal, what's your favorite breakfast food?

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    Mine is Banana Bread French Toast. It was recommended in tourist literature describing the Hilton in Curacao almost 30 years ago, and seriously, was a factor in my going there from NY(aside from the sun, food and gambling). It was awesome. If you can make French Toast, you can make Banana Bread French Toast. You don't necessarily  have to make your own Banana Bread if you can buy it.


    That sounds delicious.
    terryfossil 1

    You gave your own best answer Clonge..:):):):):)..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sausage,bacon, 2 eggs, black pudding,tomatoes,backed beens, hash browns, and fried bread.


    Oh ye, the good old heart attack brekky, lovely.Mmmmm.


    Black pudding? What is that? and fried bread? how do you make it..........?

    Black pudding is made from pigs blood and offal with rusk and seasoning jh it,s delicious. Fried bread?? just do what it says on the tin.

    Best way to get fried bread is, soak a slice of bread in a dish of milk and just fry it in a frying pan its unhealthy but delicious.

    What's nice too is french toast - bread dipped in egg and gently fried.

    I like the standard bacon with eggs and toast and add hash browns while we're at it...............



    Over hard, I'm weird............

    Biscuits And Sausage gravy with fried eggs on the side. 


    Biscuits and gravy are out of this world! Usually an only eat one half of a biscuit as it's SO rich!!

    eggs over easy with a side of bacon and corned beef hash, not very healthy but scrum dilylicous...

    1/2 grapefruit and rye toast with honey.Love it.


    Yum! Love 'em both, just never tried together with honey. Is the honey on the toast or the grapefruit?

    Its on the toast. Nothing on the grapefruit.

    never eat breckfast but if I do at the weekends it would be a full English


    I don't either mel but if I do a full English would be good but I'm afraid it would be brunch.

    dopey mine would be brunch as well! then i dont eat till 5pm and thats it if I get hungry I will eat fruit oxoxoxo

    Oatmeal. I have it almost everyday.

    A milk shake!



    What kind of...........?

    unfortunately for me i love everything.  depends on my mood and tastebuds & often what my partner has a taste for.  today we had sausage, pancakes, potatoes, hot chocolate.  sometimes mexican food.  my favorite is oatmeal with blue berries and soft boiled eggs & maybe wheat toast.  one day this week i had spaghetti.  i'm crazy. on  some things.


    don't worry Tabber, I was addicted to 2 minute noodles, just getting over it.

    COFFEE!!!! and French toast.

    ""     Pancakes, a little syrup and strawberries.


    YES, OR blueberries, my personal fave.

    oh spacey that looks good enough to eat how I miss those pancakes I say the only people in the world know how to make pancakes are the Americans! hope you are keeping well my friend! oxoxoxo

    Hello Mel, getting ready to eat some pancakes in about ten minutes, YUMMY. How have you been my friend? oxoxox. Michmar1 you have Good taste, I love them with blueberries also.

    spacey only just got your coment I thought you wernt talking to me heeee I am fine except it wont be a good Christmas as my mom has been diognosed with pantriatic cancer we dont know how long could be 2 weeks or 2 months she is comfortable and not in any pain yet! she has lost so much wieght its soooo sad when we get old any way sweetheart love as always Mel oxoxoxo

    Small dish of fresh fruit.
    Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon
    Two slices French toast with melted butter and powdered (confectioner's) sugar almost thick enough to make frosting!  OR  with pure maple syrup (none of that processed stuff).
    Coffee is OK; water is essential.    


    How's your cholesterol?

    Oh, it's not bad. The good is high, the bad is low; overall a bit high but not enough to medicate. You didn't ask me if I ate this breakfast, just what I especially liked! :D

    Cold pizza and a coke.


    You're joking right?

    WOW! How often do you actually have this? Result in stomach or intestinal problems a little later in the day? Perhaps you're immune. Stoic.

    yeah,Ive been known to have that too,not as bad as it sounds
    ed shank

    This is generally called the hangover breakfast around here.

    For breakfast?   Hmmmmmm a sausage bisquit or a bacon bisquit with strawberry jam.

    I like grilled cheese on toast with tomato sauce, which is odd as I don't like tomato sauce on anything else

    Eggs grits ham biscuit coffee  juice  grape jelly    mmmmmm

    eggs over-easy on S.O.S. on hash-browns with sourdough toast.


    Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup with a big glass of milk.


    Eggs, baked beans, sausage, spam, spam, spam, spam and spam.



    I think your American right?

    Yes, I'm still growing up!

    Crispy bacon, egg, & american cheese on an english muffin sandwich. (home made)

    Drink: Grape/ Cranberry juice


    I eat this ALL the time!! Love a GOOD breakfast sandwich, homemade, not from a fast-food joint. Though I have mine always with sauteed green pepper and onion on top, as well. And I use extra-sharp cheddar cheese. We have good taste, don't we?? hahahah

    I like an egg omelet loaded with veggies, (onion, read and green bell pepper, fresh spinach) and a sharp  cheese,  topped with good red salsa (homemade is best).  With a side of any kind of buttered toast. A good piece of ripe fruit is a bonus.


    michmart, I have a sudden craving for your omelet,sounds great

    Scramble  egg on toast,slightly salted,and just a touch of pepper,,

    "Porrage oats with pears cut up in small portions

    Mexican breakfast burritos with chorizo,  refried beans, scrambled eggs or potato, cheese and salsa.

    Pancakes or waffles and eggs, oatmeal and coffee !!!

    Cannot go past bacon and eggs..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for bacon and eggs photos

    does an aspirin and a coffee count as food??????


    leosman,exactly what I had this morning

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