Useless info via AKAQA...

    Good greif... I met a new friend today for drinks.. (i had coffee). We were sitting at the bar and I had the most random facts in my head, all thanks to AKAQA. I am now an idiot savant!!!

    DO you ever use the info you gather here in the real world?

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    I am also amazed at times how stupid people are about issues or events that I assume are common knowledge. Education has nothing to do with it, they simply have no interest except in things that effect their own little world.

    Not really, most of it I know.


    The poor guy was from albany GA I told him it was the Peacan capital of the world, LOL.. and a few other off the wall facts about odd things... Not very intellectual, but strange. LOL

    He must have thought you were a genius. More power to you...

    Well I was there with a girlfriend and the poor guy, who was sitting next to us bought me dinner. So he must have been...

    Information is never useless not even info about pandas and Edinburgh tramways.


    What about My Fleamaly,weep!!!! I was going to type sob there but thought you might be offended.

    Hey, I got a JEOPARDY question right because of akaQA, James asked me how did I know it?!!!!!!! (it was about Canada, @fish girl).........

    all the time and whatever i don't know i just make up as i go.....

    I read jokes I forgot them for long time...Panda eats, shoots, leaves... sorry Bob

    Ohhh, Jennnnnn........ ""

    Keep your Brain moving thats what I say !!!!!


    haha mel. That’s good. True. If we don’t move our brain it might turn to mush or oatmeal.

    itsmee oatmeal thats good! xoxoxo

    you get to assess your level of intelligence with others. SOME ARE DOWN RIGHT ignorant and uninformed while others are brilliant. Some have pssitive outlook on life and other are negative no matter. FROM some you can appreciate how lucky and blessed you are. To some you can help and others you avoid. It's a great forum that teaches you tollerance also.

    It teaches me about stupidity

    It teaches me about the infinite size of some people ignorance

    jenn that's great.  it's like a stimulating game of sorts.  at least we keep our brains going and growing.


    and moving ... as melan says

    I learn about how much some of us could hate those that think differently than themselves; thank God (or I don't know whom) for living in this country - the USA.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a fact that I found on akaqa in the real world. 

    I do all the time but I must con.fess I get the occassional weird look

    Especialy on religion.

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