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    I think the Fruit Cake is the worst cake in the world. Every Christmas someone gives me one. I never eats it, and I can't give it away because nobody I know will take it. What do you think about the Fruit Cake?

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    It makes a good door stop .

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    Friends always send me fruitcake for christmas. No one eats it  and cant give it away either.

    Fruit cake is not one of my favourites either, in fact i don't like it at all,i don't even like christmas plum pudding.I have noticed lately that the traditional wedding fruit cake is not as popular  as it once was.Must be something to do with the younger generation.

    My Grandmother always made a " clooty dumplin " at Christmas time, basically it was fruit cake recipe with a few of her secret ingredients, poured into a sterilised tea cloth, tied up with string then placed in a huge pot and simmered in water for about 6hrs. It was absolutely scrumptious and would last into the New year, sliced and fried in butter, Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Never been the same since she passed in 82.


    Ramos, that sounds delicious. Do you have the Recipe?

    RAMOS is my Spanish cousin,but I understand, alas we have tried to replicate it but it never turns out as good,there are lots of different recipes out there,in Scotland a lot of families have their own.

    Thanks for the memory ROMOS, my mum used to do the same.
    The older dears used suet, pig fat, and that was the secret.
    You also reminded me of my visit to a clooty well in Scotland a few years back.
    You probably know but in case, the clooty well was a spring at the top of a small hillock and the theory was you left a piece of personal clothing, drank from the spring and asked for some disability to be taken away.
    As your piece of clothing rotted away so did your sore back or whatever get better.
    If you take someones cloth away you get their disease
    This was a amazing place with hundreds of garments hanging from tress and bushes, even a push bike up a tree,. Don`t think the bloke who put it up would get rapid relief. \Decided had to be Irish or Australian.

    For the uneducated "Clooty" is CLOTH so a clooty dumplin is cooked wrapped in a cloth.

    Aye I,ve heard of it, but never been, never thought about the translation though,cheers for that, I guess if I wrote how we speak here in Scotland no bloody one would understand, quite like some of the questions you get on the excellent akaqa,obliged ma mate, KOTF!!

    I love fruit cake, but not the one from the shop. Homemade is best, yummmm.


    How about eggplant? I placed my eggplant question in akaQA because you, but you never answered it... :-(

    When was that?

    Never buy them, give them, or receive them.  I've tried to eat a slice on occasion, but did not care for it.  Something tells me I could probably handle it better now.  


    Welcome to try Lady Bob,I still cook a mean dumplin!! Innuendo implied? NAW.XX..KOTF

    When i was a little girl in St. Louis, MO, my mother made a fruit cake every year from scratch.  It was the most beautiful sight seeing all those colors of fruit go into this cake.  We kids, she had 8, could not wait to taste it.  And my mother was good for making us wait to taste things.  So we were dying to eat some of that fruit cake.  And to this day . . . i love fruit cakes and cannot figure out why so many people do not like them.   And whenever i go to somebody's house during the holidays and they have a fruit cake, i feel so blessed to have a piece of it.  Of course, i know a lot of fruit cakes that walk and talk.

    Not keen on them just as well no one ever sends me one!

    Makes a great door stop.


    A smelly one aftwer a while

    It has always seemed to me that Chrismas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies are much the same thing.


    and Figgy pudding ?

    Never tried it.

    I make my grandmother's fruitcake recipe every year. I start the day after Thanksgiving and bake them, then once a week I soak them with cognac. By Christmas time they are moist and yummy. I've never had anyone return one to me. In fact, when I owned my bakery, the list for orders grew every year! Like anything else, it's the recipe that matters.


    sounds very extravagant,might try the cognac

    I keep it for a year and then send it back to the person who gave it to me. I hear they get better with age ""


    He he you bad girl! oxoxox

    I don't much like traditional fruitcake either, I usually make my own, but no peel, no cherry's or any of the other dried fruit I dislike, I put plenty of macca's, pecans and walnuts in, lots of plonk and have it instead of plum pudding.

    Not too bad with thick custard.


    barra, everything's good with custard, even the stuff I don't like is good with custard

    There are actually some good fruit cakes out there hard to find amongst all the bad, but there are some good ones and I do like the good ones.

    It's also good for re-gifting...!

    Love fruit cake ... Haven’t even had a forkful since I was a little girl. I have a new love - Bread Pudding.  Our bakery makes a delicious one.

    witchway, your fruitcake sounds soooo good. I drool. 

    In the "old days" people had Mince Pie for Thanksgiving. I loved it. No one else did. Now it never appears. I love fruit cake. In a million years I can't imagine anyone sending me one. I'd put down my address but ... well, we don't. You guys wouldn't know where to get one anyway. : D



    Fruit cakes make great door stops


    HI!  Just wanted to reply to your comment on one of the math questions...I don't know how we let each other know there's a reply to someone on our own answers???  Anyway, with your niece, just keep having fun with it.  You can even take some basic stuff and substitute an unknown for one of the numbers in an equation.  One trick that works for me (and probably makes me look dumb; oh well, it works,  is: when the problem seems overwhelming, give a value to the unknown, then work the problem.  Then put the unknown back where it belongs in the answer.  It helps to have a reference like that.

    Eat the fresh fruit used for making it.  You may like them better and by allmeans it's much healthier.

    i love it only if it is properly made and aged!

    send me your fruit cakes and mince pies, we love them! i think their wonderful. brings back some great memories of grandma!


    They are all going your way, carmaxable.

    I agree 100% carnaxabke!

    " I've replaced my bass boat anchor with one."

     I tried a fruitcake cookie a few years ago that I thought was exceptional.

    invite friends over, give each a piece of the fruit cake and have a fantastic food fight!!!!

    Fruitcakes and Mince Pies are the most hated things for me to eat.  They don't look good.  They don't taste good, and they don't even sound good.  I totally agree with the questioner.


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    I LOVE fruit cake and can you believe it? I’ve never been given one at all. Talk about disappointment…...



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