I read 50 years ago, that a hillbilly was a michigan farmer. Has the dictionary change?

    How do I get help on the internet about from a dictionary 50 yrs old? Probaly webster not ramdom    house?

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    No. I've lived in Michigan all my life and 50  years ago, when I heard people make fun of hillbillys, they were talking about the people from Tennesee and Kentucky ---mostly from Appalchia. ..and W.Virginia ..who Henry Ford the 1st, brought up here to work in the bomber plants and the automobile factories. I live near the spot where he made apartments, flats , and small two family flat roofed houses for them to live. These abodes were hurriedly constructed out  of cheap war materials ----mainly cheap wood. Some of them look like an after- thought. They are still there . And people still live in them. That housing developement also housed young married couples who later became local doctors, dentists, hardware owners. It housed the young men who came home from W W I I   and then got married. Hence, the term for their many children was the baby boomers. Two elementary schools were built in that same housing complex. They too, were hap- hazardly constructed out of cheap materials, b/c the good stuff went to the war effort.

    Yes. Today's Mirriam Webster Dictionary defines Hillbilly as; a person from a backwoods area.


    Well, yes, my uncle in northern Mich. .....when he was still living, he refered to some low lifes up there, as "Northern Hillbillies "

    About that time, it was also a Tennessee oil millionaire who moved to California.


    Jed Clampett ?

    Not sure about how to get the information however I have very good retention and memory as well as a vocabulary and I learned this in school and I cannot find it anywhere either

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