what causes people to cough repeatedly

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    maybe throth is dry or stress

    coughing can be brought on by air conditioning, dust, and all the stuff around us, but I do agree that it can also be brought on by, I don't know..but I definitely agree with you annebell!!

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    Frequent coughing usually indicates the presence of a disease. Many viruses and bacteria benefit evolutionarily by causing the host to cough, which helps to spread the disease to new hosts. Most of the time, coughing is caused by a respiratory tract infection.


    Not sure you want to label it a disease,but it would sound less tragic to say germ or infection.

    one or more of these conditions......dry throat, asthma,allergies, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, COPD, which is the medical name for emphysema.; a chest cold, walking pneumonia,lung cancer; or  a cough left over from some old illness. ( my mother had a dry cough all of her adult life from having whooping cough when she was little) nasal drip; or a sinus infection. And last, but not least is smokers cough.

    1) Uneasiness

    2) Embarassment

    3) Medication .. example anti cholesterol drugs cause a night cough

    4) Something obstructing the throat, either flow or air or a fish bone or food particles

    5) smokers cough all the time

    6) People who think that they are about to have a heart attack because of a pain in the chest and were told that coughing repeatedly causes cardiac massage automatically.

    7) Build up on phlegm in the lungs caused by a just finished cold.

    8) Liars to avoid an answer.

    9) a reminder from a listener that the subject of conversation may be unpleasant, i.e. husband to wife and vice versa :).


    and sometimes when men think they're going to cry........they cough to cover it up.

    Smoking, allergies, choking, that annoying tickle, bad food to name a few...........

    If you are the one coughing go and see a doctor please.

    Post nasal drip can causing coughing and alot of throat clearing. This can be helped with Mucinex.  There are also steroid inhalers that help relieve this. One is called Symbacort. It has to be prescribed though. There are so many other things though as well, allergies for example, all the way to lung or throat cancer. If the problem is not resolved with the small fixes, a check up by your Doc is what I would suggest to rule out the other more serious things.

    please dont hesitate to go to your doctor. it may be serious. i`d rather be safe than sorry!

    There are some medication that causes coughing- Abilify.  This added to previous answers should cover it. Go to a doctor.

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