what do i do for bad period cramps?

    i have really bad cramps around my lower abdomen and dont know what to do for them.....

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    Talk to your doc about birth control pills These help. Back in my days a tight girdle helped. Why I do not know!

    Try a heating pad on your lower tummy and try to relax.  Sometimes light exercises helps.  I think you might want to see your Doctor just to make sure you don't have endometriosis.  I'm sure she'll be able to answer your questions.  Can your Mom take you?

    Oh, God, don't make me remember. I used to spend three days in bed with baaaad cramps and vomitting every month. You could take panadol, warmth is good. See a doctor because there are good treatments these days. The birth control pill helps. I couldn['t stand anything near my stomach, so for me, a girdle would be hell.


    I went through the same thing as you. No heat though. heat made them worse. I just took a ton of ibuprofen and tried to sleep through the worst of them. When the doc said, "Hysterectomy" I said, "I'm heading for the hospital now!" Best thing ever!

    The doctor told me to have kids. Ha ha what kid in those days is going to have another kid?
    When I had my children, I had no more trouble.

    Rosiegal13 Painful period pains/cramps are called dysmenorrhea - here in the UK there is a very good tablet for this called PONSTAN (Mefenamic acid) POM prescription medicine only therefore speak with your Doctor - spelling of these drugs may be different slightly depending where you live. You can also google dysmenorrhea. 

    Warmth helped me, including warm liquids.  Yvonne57 has the traditional answers.  My cousin suffered for years with horrible, debilitating cramps.  She recently had surgery to remove polyps and is doing somewhat better.  A doctor would be the next step if the home remedies don't help.

    Take it like a woman kid  if our ancesters  could stand  it   so can you,  don't be  a nanny panny


    She is taking it like a woman - she's asking for help - are you a guy matheneyg? We don't have to just "stand it" anymore.

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