what is britans best dish?

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    Our Sunday Roast everyone loves that dish


    I grew up eating roast on Sundays but I don't imagine my mom got the recipe in England.....It was to die for, anyways...........

    jhharlan I think its one of the best meals you can have but can take you hours to cook it and 10mins to eat it! oxoxox

    now I dont know whar you mean in the china sence or food wise let me know and I will give you answer


    Mel, he means as in cooking. See the tags in the question box.
    p.s How is Harvey?

    west-bus sorry its taken so long to get back to you thanks for asking about Harvey we had a bit of a scare three weeks ago and ended back up in vet Hospital for two nights he had cistetes and is on perminate pils one a day he is grossley overweight which is a bit of a catch 22 as he was put on steroids for his skin condition which is now cleared he is allergic to grass weird! and now he is on a diet and he hates the food I give him thank you for your concern how are you doing! xxx

    A Wedgwood China dish.


    Hi west oh well didnt get that never mind.... Harvey is brilliant back to him old self eating and eating we are soposed to have him on a diet we have cut his food intake down by half but he doesnt look like he has lost anything! thanks for asking anyway oxoxoxox

    A TV programme that,s on this very minute.

    My face after my wife used her "fists did"nt need Botox."what a dish the girls would say.

    Your spelling is up the creek.

    get  a nick name!

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