What are your plans for your next big vacation or "holiday"?

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    To answer my own question: On a smaller front, my husband purchased concert tickets for us to see the Avett Bros. play in Greenville, S.C. on New Years Eve. Excited! Very much enjoy their unique brand of music, plus they've grown to be fairly well-known and are originally from this area. Secondly, hopefully we will make our way back to Ireland, especially Northern, which I found especially beautiful, enchanting and haunting, as well as some parts of Scotland this time. Hopefully to happen Sept., or Oct., 2012. Great to always have something wonderful to look forward to, especially in these times/days!

    michmar118 thank you for this answer. i love the picture you painted in your response. i don't travel much so it's great to hear how others see and experience this beautiful world! concerts . . . i love em. that's what i love to do for entertainment. love to see live talent of any sort.

    Tabber, Thank you so much! I'm sorry you can't travel more if that's what you love to do. And concerts, oh my goodness, I love them ,too! A few of the best concerts I've seen are K. D. Lang, she literally sent chills up our spines with her voice. And John Fogerty, originally of Creedance Clearwater Revival, outdoor ampi-theater, fantastic. Also, Steely Dan, one of my favorites bands ever. Always thought them to be just a studio band but they were excellent live! As well as Michael McDonald of The Doobie Brothers. He played the same show as Steely Dan. Excellent show. Any plans to attend any shows soon? Are you a musician? :-}

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    Alaska cruise next July

    ed shank

    Never been but heard from a few people that it's Bad ass.

    that's on my bucket list, I imagine it would be absolutely beautiful

    Couple years ago when we went, seals were being born on the ice flows. The glaciers had a deep blue color at base. I really recommend the cruise to inside passage. Went on norweigan cruise line.

    We're going to England and Italy for a month.


    That's great! When? Where do you live now? Never been to Italy, but have fiends that have, can't imagine until it's experienced! Hope it's wonderful.

    We live in Australia. We've been to England a few times. My mother's sisters live in Yorkshire. More relatives in London. No one in Italy, never been there.

    Good on you Eggy, be bit chilly in Yorkshire in particular and London not much better Italy not too bad.
    Love Yorkshire, the moors (hope you see the moors ponies I did)York itself, Whitby (Heartbeat country)
    Not a great fan of Italy full of tourists in the main centres.
    Rome to me is dreadfully overated, full of vendors selling junk probably made in China, yuk! Dam near shove it in your bag for you even thiugh you politely say "No thank you"
    Be careful not to take anything in your hand as they will refuse to take it back and insist "You pay" This happened to one of my daughters but her husband in good Aussie fashion told the vendor to "F... off"
    Another ruse is to offer to take your photo using your camera then try to charge you for so doing BEFORE they hand your camera back.
    As far as the Vatican is concerned I felt it was obscene that all the millions of Euro was for one man. Could feed the worlds starving for ever.

    as of yet no big plans, sounds boring i know  but anythings possible.


    Not boring at all, dreams are always in the works!

    dreams are what makes life worth living.

    Depending on how things go with the wife (not doing well right now, but I'm praying). The plan is to go out to Arizona and possibly buy some property and build on it. Have to do some research on weather and so on.


    Praying she will and improve and you can move forward with your plans! Arizona, never been there. best to you.

    Fabulous state ,Arizona reminds me of OZ, hope all goes well with your wife, ed.
    ed shank

    Thanks guys.

    Have a friend in Tuscon who rents out her home for visitors. Great place. Hope Mrs. "Ed Shank" will be well very soon.
    ed shank

    Interesting Bob/PKB, let's see how things shake out. Thanks for the kind words.

    ed best of luck! i hope you and your wife truly get to do that!!! i sent up a little prayer for you too.

    Very boring going to a daughters at Richmond outside Sydney for the Christmas week then to my neice on the highlands near Dubbo.

    Nonetheless I am looking forward to my "rellie run"


    Why boring going to your daughters? It's Christmas! Hope it a wonderful time for you all the way around. What's a rellie run?

    Michmar a rellie run is a trip visiting various relatives, in my case this time it includes children,grandchildren,great grandchildren and a neice.
    No it will not be boring in the least, love my family.

    Boring to spend time with your daughter and niece.....that's a blessing.

    Peoplelove, Thanks for answering back and explaining! I love learning the vernacular of other countries and cultures!!

    my first wedding was in Richmond, we used to water ski on river too

    Didn`t realise you are a Aussie lambshank.
    Depending on your age you may remember speed boat races on the river at Windsor, mate and I used to go every meet there and at Liverpool.
    This was late 40s and early 50s.

    Zorro, that's fantastic!  Have you ever been?  Where do you fly out of and into to get to the ship?  I'm envious of you!  Hope it's all you hope to experience and then some.

    Later on in the new year, planning to go to Scotland, and on the return home via New York & possibly one of my favourite cities San Francisco.


    barra.. make contact when in Bonny Scotland I could show you some " sites ". Fleaster Measter!

    Sounds like a fantastic trip and you're mixing it up nicely!

    Barra do not contact ROMOS on your trip he will end up getting you in the clink.
    Only joking, look him up I sure he is a top bloke, I mean he is Scottish after all.
    I met Melandrupert on my recent visit to UK and I was as happy as a pig in , well you know what a pig is happy in, that I did.

    :(      These vacation plans sound wonderful!  My next big "VACATION" will be to Southern California in January to enjoy a PBA tournament for a couple days.  (Professional Bowlers' Association)  I'm planning to meet a particular pro this time; hopefully have dinner together!

    ed shank

    Didn't I tell you Mr.Goodbar is showing up soon?

    Yes, you did! Now you have put a smile on my face. Thank you, ed shank!

    Happy bowling,...and I hope your plans work out just right!

    Not really a holiday, but am having a new  tiles, carpet etc. put in so we need to leave for a week, I am going down to Wollongong (Clifton) to visit my daughter before Christmas, she has bought a house on the cliffs there overlooking the water, I haven't seen it yet so am looking forward to catching up, Ill also drop in to see my son, his family live in Port Stephens

    plan on going to texas for the first time next summer for my mate's family reunion.  also plan to go to las vegas some time next year.


    Sounds great! You must be excited......

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