Herman Cain - Refund

    Now that he's "suspended" his campaign amid "alleged" sexual indiscretions, should he not refund all the hard-earned campaign contributions that were donated by many Americans who believed in him?

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    He has suspended it so that he can continue collecting donations. He did not quit it, he suspended it.  He said he would use the money to continue going state to state pushing his ideas for American reform. 


    indeed perhaps it should go to a program for the sexually abused.

    Absolutely!!   He needs to finally be a stand-up man and give back the money to those who believed in him .   In this case, the term "Indian-Giver" does not apply to those asking for their support funds to be given back or to be re-allocated to a more appropriate source, according to the donors'  wishes. My understanding of an Indian-Giver is one who gives to another, but then asks for the gift back for selfish reasons.  In the case of Cain, people gave to him in faith and he turned out to be the unscrupulous/selfish one, therefore it's not wrong at all to request him to do the right thing with those donations. Release the funds back to their rightful owners, otherwise he is a thief in addition to being an adulterer/philanderer.


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