a question about my cat getting up into the basement ceiling

    There have been many LOUD noises coming from my basement. I've gone down there with MACE and there's nobody there. NO, it's not a ghost.  My one cat likes to get up into my basement ceiling , which was dry- walled off by the previous owner. She gets up into it by the many holes that were put into it by the plumbers when they changed the  pipes. The question is ---how can one little female cat make so much noise ? It's a lot of bing, bang, boom !! It just has to happen at night, in the late evening when I'm trying to sleep. When I go down there, it's quiet, and I can't find her. I just realized as I write this, that she does it, when I shut them out of the room where I'm on the comptuter. And she does it at night, when I've sealed them off into the basement, by closing the basement doors.  HOW DOES SHE MAKE THESE LOUD NOISES ?

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    I think it,s time to take her boots off and let her roam in the home, why shut her out when you obviously love her?


    b/c I don't want their possible fleas and shedding of hair in my bed. I've been there and done that.

    and they roam the home all day . They're only in the basement at night

    Sorry my cats are my babies I do not shut them off from me.  Contrary to what a lot of people think cats want to be close to you also.  I do not do mine that way and they for the most part are very well behaved and very loving and I love them so I would never ever do that to them.


    I take excellent care of my cats and play with them and give them quality time and attention. They're spoiled. But, I don't want all 3 of them in my bed at night, b/c of their possible fleas and their shedding hair.

    Here's how:


    2 2 funny!

    What is this link before I bring it up ?

    Maybe it's the pipes. Our pipes make a noise sometimes when our neighbours use their taps.

    its theyre claws tapping against the pipe

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