I went to my GP for a check up yesterday. The assistant who weighed me and took my blood pressure was really mean. Terrible fat woman. She made me feel ... inferior (or something) I sat waiting for the doctor to come in wondering if I should tell the doctor about her assistants behavior. What would you have done? I will answer this tomorrow.

    I don’t really care what kind of day she had.  I have worked in several doctors’ offices. I was never rude to the patients. 

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    itsmee you poor thing no one deserves that kind of treatment xxx

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    Rudeness is abinom,abannibl,abominabin, JUST RUDE! Report the woman.


    : D How could I disagree!

    I don't stand for this behaviour one bit,it has happened to me actually,when i did see the Doctor i asked him is your assistant always that rude with patients,that way it is making it known about her attitude.

    F**k the bitch....don't take any crap from these so called "helpers"...anyone who makes you feel inferior should actually be the lazy negative bitch to your GP.....I have had this happen to me so many times, that it is disgusting.....and I refuse to even go back for the treatments that  I need.............(:


    Hi Hipster. Nice to see you back. Hope you're feeling better.

    Woman, I've been trying to get in touch with you!! Check your cell and e-mail!

    Nice turn of phrase Ole Hipster.
    Why do you not say what you mean instead of beating around the bush ?

    So good to see your bk old hipster, so sorry to read about that bitch at hospital. PLEASE, do not refuse to go back to hospital, for your treatment, that is in your interest, not hers. If you or anyone else has reported the bitch to GP, she has either, learned her lesson, or is gone.

    I do love your answers.  As I sat there waiting for the doctor to come in I wondered if I told it would be like being a tattle tail. However, steam was coming out my ears and I had to have an explanation.  I was standing getting ready to depart. She was standing about two feet from me. When I told her I saw the biggest smile on her face and heard the truest laugh. She kinda bent her head into mine and we bumped foreheads.

    I don’t know for sure if that nasty assistant is going to be fired ... but maybe.

    Tell the doctor. He definately wants to know. Maybe he is trying to get rid of her.


    No Body has the right to make anyone feel inferior I would Report and Report until I got a sorry and more!

    As the great lady Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission."

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