wehere is location of stop light switch on 98 f150 truck that controls cruise control

    where is location of cruise control switch on 1998 f 150 truck? is it behind brake pedal?


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    I'm not sure it this will help but here is what I found. 


    The SCDS used by Ford Motor Company (Ford) costs about $21. The switch is located under the hood of the vehicle, attached to the brake master cylinder on one end and connected to the cruise control on the other. The cruise control switch is wired through the same electrical circuit used to power the vehicle's brake lights. According to Federal law, the electrical circuit controlling the brake lights must be powered at all times so that the brake lights will function even if the car is turned off. Because the SCDS was wired together with the brake lights, the cruise control switch is powered at all times. This creates the potential for disaster: a continuously-powered switch sitting right next to a reservoir of flammable liquid.

    The source site was

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