how do you make pea soup

    pea and ham soup

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    The soup recipe is on here>>>

    Soak your Ham shank over night to get rid of some of the salt put it in pressure cooker boil it till it turns the liquid in to a gellatine like type substance add your peas which you have soaked previously over night and whatever other type of veg you want to Remove your hambone replace the ham  and cook slowly until the veg is done very much like Patricia only no salt due to content of the meat

    Hi, and GM from florida.   Here is how I do it.  Soak peas over night, ( I put mine in crock pot). If using a ham bone soak it to. Drain water, add Onions, carrots, salt and pepper, leave ham bone in, or add cut up chunks of ham. slow cook in cooker.  Let me know how it comes out for you.. God Bless     Pat

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