What is your deal-breaker?

    Facial acne? unkind/unpolite? Mine: bad breath. Do you have any? Thanks in advance for your time to answer this.

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    gossip, I don't tolerate people talking about others in any sort of derogatory manner when they are not there to clarify or defend themselves.

    Mine is dog  s**t on the pavements ( sidewalk ).

    I'm not understanding what you are asking.  Do you mean like "what is the last straw"?  I hate it when people just drop their gum on the ground instead of wrapping it up to throw away...........

    not me i'm good to go...?

    A racial or social slur, scruffy looking, stir s###, implied insult, whine, bring a pet, use hand gestures to influence the conversation, bring a gun, offer drugs, be drunk or on drugs, speak of intended or past criminal activity, and you’re history. 

    Bad attitude, never sees any thing in a positive light.Thinks the world is against them. 

    I don't tolerate gossiping; as a matter of fact, I stay away from people who make a daily living by gossiping about others...  A sure downfall to spread fire-- too egregiously and cowardly malicious intents. Gossiping is for losers who have nothing  better to do but make others miserable too- like them.

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